Purchasing Commercial Utility Cabinets

Where Utility Cabinets are Used

While utility cabinets are commonly used in garages, laundry rooms and other residential settings, they are more commonly utilized in commercial or industrial settings. As these are two very different settings, the needs for each location are quite different.

Choosing Industrial Utility Cabinets

The most important step when selecting industrial utility cabinets for use in a commercial setting is identifying the correct need. Will the utility cabinets be used outside or inside? What will be stored in them? Will there be a minimum weight requirement? This is important information and requirements that should be identified and gathered prior to purchasing. Additionally, it is important to develop a budget for this purchase.

Often, commercial and industrial utility cabinets are required to store heavy equipment. It is important that the shelving inside the utility cabinets can support the equipment that will be housed inside. It may also be important that the utility cabinets have the ability to be kept secure with a locking mechanism or be fire proof, depending on what will be stored inside.

It is also important to work with a reputable company when purchasing commercial or industrial utility cabinets. If an issue develops with the purchased utility cabinets, the company supplying the utility cabinets should stand behind their products and work to resolve whatever issues may develop.

If specialized utility cabinets are required, they may need to be manufactured in order to meet the needs of the commercial company. The industrial company should then seek out a manufacturer that can help identify the needs of the purchasing company and develop the right type of utility cabinets for their customer. They should be able to provide both fabrication and manufacturing services under one roof.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Commercial Utility Cabinets

One of the major decisions when deciding on what type of utility cabinets to purchase is whether they will be used indoors or outdoors. These are two very different situations that have their own specific requirements.

If any of the purchased utility cabinets will be used outside, they will need to be corrosion resistant in order to stand up to the elements. It will need to be kept secure in order to avoid theft of whatever is stored inside. It will also need to be kept in an area that is easily accessible to those who require access.

If the purchased utility cabinets will be used inside, it is important to determine if they will be in a fixed location or will need to be moved. If they will need to be moved on a regular basis, it is important they will be able to move without causing injury to company employees. Additionally, just like utility cabinets that will be kept outside, they will need to stand up to what takes place on a daily basis on the shop floor.

These are just of a few of the key features that must be considered when making a utility cabinets purchase for a commercial or industrial setting. By thinking about both the current and future facility needs upfront, the shop manager can avoid making costly purchasing mistakes.