Reducing the Risk of Power Supply Failure and Finding the Right Power Supply Manufacturer

Power supplies are an important part of the electrical supply process. They are not simply a safety mechanism to avoid overcurrent, but work to protect facilities, their employees and the facility’s equipment, which is often a substantial financial investment. There are a number of ways that the risk of a power supply failure can be reduced and one is by working with the right power supply manufacturer.

Why Power Supplies Fail

One of the biggest reasons for AC/DC power supply failure is due to low-power electrical transients that are constantly generated within a facility. When transients occur, they reduce the overall life-span of a power supply and often result in unplanned downtime and replacement. For example, the simple act of turning on or shutting off a piece of equipment can generate several hundred volts for a short period of time. While this amount of power is seemingly small, it can have a cumulative effect overall, contributing to a potential power supply failure down the road and ultimately, the need to replace the power supply.

Most industrial environments are at risk for a failure of a power supply. This is due in large part to the variety of complex pieces of equipment used normally each day within a facility. As a result, large numbers of transients can be generated. Some pieces of equipment that causes transients can include compressors, welders and electric motors.

Working with the Right Power Supply Manufacturer to Minimize Power Supply Failure

An important part of minimizing power supply failure risk is working with a reputable power supply manufacturer. These professionals will know how to reduce potential failures as well as develop a periodic testing matrix in order to ensure a facility’s power supplies are functioning properly.

An experienced power supply manufacturer will understand the exact capabilities and limitations of different power supplies. As a result, they will be able to guide a company on the power supplies that make the most sense for that facility as well as the best implementation process.