Camlocks – All-Purpose Power System Connections

If you don’t know much about camlocks, you’ve got a lot of company. These critical parts of power systems are almost unnoticed and unknown, unless you’re a professional electrician.

Camlocks are used for managing power system connections between a power source, and the power system which distributes power to your business and operational systems. They come in a very wide range of sizes, shapes, and configurations, including customized designs for advanced power systems.

Camlocks are the all-purpose, all-important answer to connection issues between systems and power supplies. They’re used for emergency backups, too, so they’re critically important when it comes to managing crisis-response power supply issues.

Essentially, a power system is in three parts:

  1. Power source, either generator or grid system.
  2. Power connection
  3. Power distribution

The latest, multiple stream, multiple point power systems are very high powered, and need high quality connections. Best practice is to use sequential connections.

Camlocks are the fix for these connections. They’re designed to meet multiple types of system needs. The best on the market are tailored for ease of use, color coded to ensure proper connectivity, and work as a quick, straightforward plug in system.

The other big issue for power connections, not too surprisingly, is wear and tear. Corrosion is a major problem, damaging and in some cases crashing power connectivity. These problems can be dangerous, too. Shorts and power failures can play havoc with any connected system, particularly business systems, risking data loss and actual damage to connected equipment.

Camlocks are “insurance” against these problems. The best on the market are coated against corrosion, and well housed to avoid damage. These are heavy duty connections, very strong and solid.

Some very basic, very relevant considerations

Good power supplies, by definition, include:

  • Well maintained power couplings and connections (Inspections should be carried out every year. Power systems can deteriorate over time.)
  • Up to date camlocks (Older connections can be real problems, in more ways than one. Typically, older connections aren’t designed to take “anything and everything” put on to them. If your power usage goes up, you need to be sure about your power system connection capacity, which is what the latest camlocks deliver.)
  • Backup power supply (This covers any power failure scenario, and is pretty much a no-brainer for industrial operations. Backups must be easy to connect, another role of new generation camlocks.)
  • Well integrated power systems (Power system design really is an art form. If you have an older power system, it’s likely to be performing like a power board with too many plug ins and double adaptors as a result of additional capacity usage. The old systems may be tough, but they can only do so much. If you’re getting outages or strange flickers in power supply, the system needs better connections, at the absolute minimum.)

If you’re getting the impression that your power system may have problems you’re not sure about, just about everyone has those problems, sooner or later. The best option is to get your system, particularly your connections, checked out by an inspection.

Help is just a phone call away. Talk to power supply specialists, and you’ll have these issues sorted out simply and quickly, before you have any serious problems.