Camlocks – How My Business Overcame An Unreliable Power Supply

Electricity may sometimes be unreliable, especially during stormy weather. In most cases, the supply of electricity becomes interrupted either from the distribution point or along the supply lines. Poor electrical systems also contribute to power failures. This interruption causes a lot of losses to businesses that depend on electricity for their operation, and can even cause large losses if things like refrigeration systems are interrupted. They can even cause stores to go bankrupt if the losses are too great. This is why every business should have their camlocks  maintained and updated!

There was a time when a power failure became a highlight of my day and it almost destroyed my ice cream business. As an ice cream vendor, I prepare all of my products in the evening and put them in freezer overnight. I also blend juices at night to sell, which is especially popular in summer.

The business was running smoothly thanks to the huge amount of demand and within no time I got a lot of regular customers. Our daily sales increased almost every day and I was happy to have this new growing income source. By this time, everything in the business itself was great, from my production to the quality of service I offered. Being the first of this type of business in the area, I wanted to raise the bar so high that any entrepreneur would be dissuaded from trying to start a competing shop. What I didn’t realize was that my biggest problem wasn’t going to come from a competitor.

Within a year, other people developed an interest in the business and started their own shops; a move that I welcomed because as an entrepreneur I needed competition in order to be motivated to work harder and operate more intelligently. However, before long, things took a bad turn; power became unreliable, especially at night when I needed it most. The power supply would be interrupted in the middle of my production process; after peeling and cutting the fruits for blending, I would begin to lose power and it could sometimes go off until the next day. This was a massive problem because it affected all of my products. Sometimes I had nothing to sell and would end up closing early. This greatly benefited my competitors, who didn’t have any of those problems.

Electricity interruptions continued for a few days until  I decided to look into the matter. I had someone come look at my generator and they found that the camlocks were actually causing the generator to malfunction, and the timing had just been a coincidence. This was so strange to me because I didn’t know anything about power and figured that it was a problem with the power company, not my own building.

Although, my competitors had gained plenty of ground in terms of winning over some of my customers, I decided to continue to do things my way, and with no time I was back in business and most of my earlier customers were back to buying from me. The business was recovering well and my staff members that were nervous about having to find a new job, were just as relieved as I was.

I never realized that such a small part of my operation could have such a major affect on my business, but in the end it turned out that even something as small as changing the camlocks on my generator was enough to take my business back to its former glory and beyond.