East Coast Power Systems Camlock Solutions

East Coast Power Systems offers Camlock solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Temporary coupling to a main power supply is safe and easily installable as well as having generator access, and back up. For safety and to exceed UL standards the Camlock enclosures are insulated from mechanical lugs. The Camlocks are clearly marked for accurate connection sequencing adding to ease of installation and they are color coordinated. To ensure complete resistance from corrosion all copper bus is silver-plated. Standard Camlock enclosures include Crouse-Hines Connectors, and are CSA certified, UL listed and Nema rated.

Some of the custom options include but are not limited to listed switches such as Siemens UL, single or dual breaker set-ups, double throw safety switches, Quick Connect and Crouse-Hines Connectors.

In January of 1999 the East Coast Powers Services was formed and it has been a perfect complement to the East Coast panel board and East Coast Control and Automation. The Power Services supply the customers with warranty service, emergency service and preventive maintenance. It is also mobile and can provide special delivery to the customers and also can provide onsite installation instructions.

The Power Services also created its place in the electrical market, providing work for manufacturers such as Westinghouse, General Electric and Siemens. The capabilities have expanded to Testing, Solid State Retrofits, and Modifications.

Everyone uses power for their business and home and it can be very disturbing when there is a storm and you lose that power and this is the reason you need camlocks. A back up option could be right for you and to answer some of those questions you have from camlocks to general set up there is a short guide that has been made for you. But no matter what you think is also safe to talk to an electrician to make sure your system works right as well as safely they will provide support you will need later and to ensure it continues to run efficiently.

Power backup solutions may represent a necessity. Thanks to advances and simplifications, manufacture and distribution are becoming more common since the backup systems were the preserve of emergency services and mega wealthy.

In general terms emergency power generation systems are straightforward. It comprises the generator or power supply. They can be brought on site as a mobile unit if they are not based on site. You will need to connect the generator to what you need an electrical supply for. Camlocks are used for the connection between these two points.

So you need to consider if this system is the right one for you. You need to consider the long term implications as well with backup systems that can help to prevent financial loss in case of emergency and even help prevent accidents.

Most people can afford the connection points for a backup option easily and still benefit from most of the benefits as a backup option offers with a growth in mobile generators.

You should consider the maintenance and whether it can cope with your needs in the future regardless of the system you choose you should also be aware that this is a longer term commitment. To deal with those unforeseeable problems anyone can have a backup power generator is the answer to your problems.