Generator Connection Cabinets – Everything you need to know about Camlocks

Generator connection cabinets, or camlocks as they are also known (cams for short), are a crucial part of any emergency power supply system. This short article is meant to act as an introduction to help clear up what their main functions are and what to look out for if you encounter these, or need to service them.

In the most basic sense, generator connection cabinets contain the connection points between what supplies electricity and what uses that electricity. If you break ‘generator connection cabinets’ down, word for word they refer to:

  1. The generator: Which refers to the generator that supplies the electricity – this can either be a fixed part of your system, or a mobile one that has been brought in and connected to your system.
  2. The connection, or rather connections: These refer to the connection points between the generator and what is being supplied with electricity.
  3. The cabinet: This last one should hopefully need little clarification, and refers simply to the cabinet in which these connections are found.

Generator connection cabinets are, as any part of the system as a whole, extremely important in making sure it works properly. The connections in these system are often used when more than 50A is required or in three phase connection systems.

Because generator connection cabinets are only seen in professional environments it would be very uncommon, although not completely unlikely, to be found in homes or other non-commercial settings.

The uses of an emergency back-up system are many, and I will not going into all of them here. That having been said, it is important to be aware that these systems are an integral part of keeping businesses running effectively. This is not always just from a financial perspective but in the case of hospitals and other emergency service, can refer to systems that are also otherwise extremely valuable.

Due to the commercial environments back-up energy systems are to be found, it is often not a good idea to tamper with these connections yourself. Always have an electrician as your first point of contact in the case of installation, modification, or maintenance.

This is especially salient when referring to camlocks as they are not completely standardized and the varying colors that are used are not always the same. The meanings of the colors – which refer to the different uses of the electrical supply – vary with regards to when and where the system was made.

If you have older or perhaps imported generator connection cabinets, make sure you exercise extreme caution when handling these connections. All in all, camlocks are an integral part in the functioning of any back-up electrical system. Knowing their purpose, as well who to call is half the battle.

If you would like to set up your own emergency power option, or need help servicing one you already own, call your local electrician or purveyor of electrical power supply solutions. Always make sure to stay safe and the more you know is always the better!