Do You Have A Tap Box Story?

I am an amateur electrician and I have found that my friends are always coming to me when they have a major issue that needs solving. One day I was over at a friend’s house where he was doing some home remodeling, including electrical work. They had been running on 120V lines throughout the house for years, but with the addition of new technologies, including a 50 inch HDTV and various desktops, the tap box was constantly blowing fuses. His strategy was to rearrange the location of the biggest power users so that they would be fed by two of the eight available taps. This way, if the fuse blew, all of the other fuses would not go out. Even though this had been working, he was at risk of his electronic being destroyed from his electrical wiring strategy.

I suggested that he needed a new tap box. This new tap box would use less power over the coming years and if he needed additional power it was readily available. Also I explained to him that there are many people who are ignoring their home electrical wiring and capacity, when the reality is a new tap box serves as a long-term solution and a major added safety feature. As a result he decided it was worth the investment. I told him that he should call East Coast Power Systems, who offer tap box solutions for a wide range of applications and residencies. I was told that East Coast Power Systems was very accessible and they walked him through the entire process.

A few weeks later, the new tap box and house wiring was completed. He said East Coast Power Systems was a life-savor and the best decision he had ever made. Whatever shortcuts people try to take to avoid investing in their home usually end up costing them more in the long run.