Tap Boxes – A Feasible Way To Managing Power Interruption

Living in a region that frequently experiences power supply problems is, unfortunately, not out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, surviving a whole week without any power outage, blackout or brownouts is a rarity. Some reasons that can be attributed to the unreliable power include demand exceeding supply, an aging electrical network, as well as simple weather problems. Because of these frequent outages we had to put in place a mechanism to combat the unreliable power. This backup came in the form of a device called a Tap Box. Not only did it come handy in providing emergency backup power, but it also was not to expensive.

A few weeks ago, the normally handy device seemed like it was failing. The backup power took time to come back, flickering and dimming of electrical components became more frequent, and in two cases there was total failure. The Tap Box, the device that normally ensures a smooth power backup and provides constant power, was suspect. Although this problem seemed to escalate by the day, nothing was being done about it.

We had just become accustomed to waiting much longer for the backup power to kick in. However, on this day, things took a turn for the worst, thirty minutes went with no change, one hour and still no power and the waiting game continued. To make matters worse this happened when our biggest client was in town. We hosted him in the darkness. He was unable to view his statement and frequently faked a smile when we assured him that all was well. Being the good guy he was, he asked to come back another time. Sadly, that was the last we saw of him. He moved his account and stated that the lack of power really made him think twice about our operations.

As if losing our biggest client wasn’t bad enough, our main server crashed completely. Although the recovery process that is still ongoing yielded some results, quite a substantial amount of data had been lost. The day was full of chaos. Phones ringing off the hook as distraught customers were unable to connect to our systems, staff members pointing fingers at each other, while the top management had to strategize on coming up with a good excuse for what had happened – all this because of a faulty Tap Box.

The above event simply goes to show why every business no matter the size needs to invest in a quality power solution. Furthermore, to ensure reliable backup the product should come from a name brand company in the industry. If only we only had trusted another firm, we wouldn’t have had such large losses. While we initially thought that something like a Tap Box was only a small piece of our operation, it ended up being a vital part of our system that we really could not operate without. Thankfully, we later moved on to a building that had taken better care of its electrical system, using high quality products, and we never had a problem again.