The Role of Uninterruptible Power Supplies Regarding Data Center Energy Efficiency

Computing has become a fixture in modern life, with people utilizing the internet for numerous business, education, communication and gaming amongst other reasons. No matter why consumers choose to use the internet however, they expect that their provider will supply them with satisfactory computing power and a reliable connection. This is where large IT facilities such as a data center come in. Data centers house components such as servers, Lighting... Read More

Some Information on Lighting Control Panels

The lighting control panels inside your home are more than likely breaker boxes that have a breaker designated to control the voltage going to each different circuit. The circuit would be the route the wires take and all of the things that are operated by that particular group of wires. Some of these are designed to power entire rooms, while others only power small areas. In the kitchen you want several of the breakers that are housed in the Lighting... Read More

Lighting Control Panels: Making Your Business Greener by Saving You Energy and Money

Lighting your building can consume just under 50% of a commercial facilities electrical load. Furthermore, the heating and cooling loads are also affected by persistent lighting. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to save energy costs is to simply turn the lights off when they are not needed. However, it’s not practical for you to hire an employee to walk around the building’s interior/exterior and turn lights off and on, or expect your... Read More

Lighting Control Panels: A Short Overview of Centralizes and Distributed Control

Lighting control panels are basically wall mounted devices that control numerous different aspects of a facilities’ lighting system. These devices are generally located in large industrial or commercial buildings and carry out the basic functions of: turning the lights on or off via a switch or automatic preset; and adjusting the output of the lighting system by means of a ‘dimmer’. There are however, much more advanced functions... Read More

Lighting Control Panels as Energy Saving Devices

Electrical energy is one of the foundations of modern life with commercial and industrial districts relying on energy to maintain their day-to-day operations. The consumption of electrical energy however, seems to be increasing exponentially on a global scale, as does the price that businesses are being made to pay for the energy they consume. Information technology installations in the United States alone are said to have consumed over 4.5 billion... Read More

Lighting Control Panels and Software as a Means of Data Center Power Management

Contemporary information technology facilities are receiving global attention; owing to the extremely high energy requirement such installations currently demonstrate. It is estimated that data centers in the United States alone utilize over 61 billion kilowatt hours of electrical energy every year, which amounts to over 4.5 billion dollars. To put this in perspective, one could say that data centers are responsible for approximately 1.5 percent of... Read More

Lighting Control Panels 101

One of the many products from power supply manufacturers is the lighting control panel. Learn about what these panels are used for, how they work, and where they can be placed. Features of Lighting Control Panels Lighting control panels include low voltage panels, switch inputs, and wiring. This equipment is durable and efficient. It is also resistant to corrosion as well as pests. There are different variations of lighting control panels which all... Read More

Lighting Control Panels

A lighting control panel is often defined as an assembly of a standard arrangement of two or more components, such as motor controllers and circuit breakers and related control devices, such as times and switches with necessary wiring, terminal blocks and pilot lights. Lighting Control Panels can be pre-configured or custom built, based on need. Through the utilization of lighting control panels, space can be recovered as well as energy usage reduced.... Read More

Electrical Systems Company Lighting Control Panels

Lighting Control Panels are a subset of panelboards, manufactured by an electrical systems company. The other type is the distribution or power and feeder panelboard. Lighting panels provide a centralized location to manage the lighting in a facility or in a section of a building. They can be single-phase or three-phase. Such panels can contain the circuit breakers for several dozen lighting circuits. While there are several versions of the lighting... Read More

Dedicated Lighting Control Panels

The term panelboards covers two types of electrical panels: distribution and lighting/appliance. Distribution panels divide electrical power into subsidiary circuits. Lighting control panels do much the same thing but are usually dedicated to providing the power for a building’s lighting system. In most industrial applications they are three-phase although single-phase lighting panels are used occasionally. Lighting panels generally carry less... Read More

Control Panel Options

A control panel is an electrical device consisting of a flat insulated container that houses switches and dials for controlling electrical devices. Depending on the need of the business, there are a variety of control panel options available for installation. By working with a knowledgeable control and automation company, the business in need of the control panel can be assured the correct equipment is both selected and installed correctly. Standard... Read More

Electrical Switchboard and Lighting Control Panels

In order to control the lighting in a facility or a residential space, a lighting control panel is needed. panel boards can be used to control the distribution of electricity and a subset of this panel is the lighting control panel. Lighting Control Panels can give you total control of all the lights in a facility or a building or it can give you control of lighting in a specific section of the building. These panels can be either 3-phase or a single... Read More