Are Generators Electric Power Systems?

For all intents and purposes generators are electric power systems. A generator uses one source of fuel to turn it into electrical energy, and that is basically what happens in all of these networks. A generator is actually one component in very large power supply centers, but the small versions that are owned by homeowners for personal use work on the same principle. Electric Power Systems When you have one of these portable power stations then... Read More

Reducing the Risk of Power Supply Failure and Finding the Right Power Supply Manufacturer

Power supplies are an important part of the electrical supply process. They are not simply a safety mechanism to avoid overcurrent, but work to protect facilities, their employees and the facility‚Äôs equipment, which is often a substantial financial investment. There are a number of ways that the risk of a power supply failure can be reduced and one is by working with the right power supply manufacturer. Why Power Supplies Fail One of the biggest... Read More

Power Getting Restored to Millions after Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts go out to the millions who have been in the dark. Last Saturday New Jersey power companies had restored power to many residents. Recently, reported electricity had been restored to many, but it is estimated that close to 1.2 million or 37% of residents were without power East Coast Power Systems is dedicated to helping in as many ways as possible to provide support to New Jersey Residents. Although... Read More