Types of Industrial Circuit Breakers

Depending on the different types of equipment in use within a facility or plant, the types of industrial circuit breakers needed for safe electricity use will vary.

Selection of Industrial circuit breakers

It is very important to utilize the correct types of industrial Circuit Breakers that are required for a facility or plant. To begin, it may be prudent to have the supplier of industrial circuit breakers visit the facility in order fully understand the electrical system in use. The staff from the circuit breakers supplier will review facility plans and system requirements to provide the best and most cost effective upgrade for the facility’s circuit breakers, which will simultaneously match existing lineups and provide the right level of protection.

A major factor when determining the right circuit breakers for a facility is voltage requirement. The number and complexity of different equipment in use at a facility will greatly affect the voltage requirement of industrial circuit breakers.

Brands and types of industrial circuit breakers

There are a variety of different types of industrial circuit breakers to choose from for a facility. Not only is voltage a major concern, it is important to consider the type of industrial circuit breakers that makes the most sense. For example, a plant manager may prefer molded industrial circuit breakers while others may want to use air industrial circuit breakers. Obviously, this will vary greatly based on the needs and overall voltage of the facility’s electrical system.

Just as there are a variety of different industrial circuit breakers, there are just as many brands of industrial circuit breakers. Some of the most widely used, as well as reliable, brands include Siemens, General Electric, Square D and Eaton: CutlerHammer.

Industrial Circuit Breakers

Obviously, there are a variety of different factors when selecting circuit breakers that are appropriate for a specific facility or plant. By working with a reputable industrial circuit breakers supplier, chances are greatly increased they will take the time to understand the facility’s needs and make sure the correct industrial circuit breakers are selected, installed and tested.