Understanding Miniature Industrial Circuit Breakers

Miniature industrial circuit breakers provide protection against excessive temperature increases of electric items in the case of over-currents that are caused by an overload or short circuit.

Why Use Miniature Industrial circuit breakers?

Miniature industrial Circuit Breakers are for operating a variety of different voltage levels. Often Type C and Type D miniature industrial circuit breakers are specifically for industrial use. They can be used as a main circuit breaker as well as provide complete protection against electric shock.

In North America, miniature industrial circuit breakers are recognized and are intended for use as over-current protection within an appliance or other electrical equipment where branch circuit protection is already provided or not required.

Type C miniature industrial circuit breakers are used where there are a number of motors and potentially a large number of fluorescent fittings. When these fittings are switched off simultaneously, they may cause a high inrush of current.

Type D miniature industrial circuit breakers are for specialized industrial use, where current inrushes are often high. A common use for Type D miniature industrial circuit breakers includes X-ray machines and transformers. They can require a lower earth-loop impedance (Zs) to achieve the operating times required. Whether an upgrade to a Type D is suitable should be decided according to operating times and consideration of Regulation 413-02-08.

Manufacturers and Resellers of Miniature Industrial Circuit Breakers

Regardless of the type of miniature industrial circuit breakers decided on for use, it is extremely dangerous to use sub-par devices. Therefore, it makes the most sense to purchase industrial circuit breakers from one of the reputable and highly experienced industrial circuit breaker manufacturers or resellers.

Manufacturers and resellers of miniature industrial circuit breakers will know exactly which type is the best for its planned use. It is critical that the correct type is used in order to ensure the safety of those who work where the circuit breaker will be in use as well as the safety and security of the location as a whole. By working with an experienced manufacturer or reseller, the best circuit breaker purchase decisions can be made.