Some Information on Lighting Control Panels

The lighting control panels inside your home are more than likely breaker boxes that have a breaker designated to control the voltage going to each different circuit. The circuit would be the route the wires take and all of the things that are operated by that particular group of wires. Some of these are designed to power entire rooms, while others only power small areas.

In the kitchen you want several of the breakers that are housed in the Lighting Control Panels to be designated to just one plug or a series of only one or two plug ins. Your refrigerator requires a lot of power to operate so it should be on a designated electrical circuit. Your freezer should also be on a breaker all by itself. If you have an electric stove then it also will need its own breaker and the one that controls the juice to power up the microwave should have very few other appliances on it.

Lighting Control Panels

Some things that the lighting control panels operate are of different voltages and the devices installed for the different voltages are similar but also different. Your refrigerator and your washing machine are operated off of a 110 v current. Your hot water heater, your air conditioning system, and your electric range all work off of 220 v of current. You cannot confuse the two when you are installing or plugging in these items. It is crucial that they get the correct amount of power.

Applications of Lighting Control Panels

There was a time when fuses were used in these applications instead of breakers. The fuses were generally glass and porcelain and they screwed into the socket that the wires that were feeding the flow to the appliances were connected to. The fuse worked like the breaker in as much as it could detect when an overload happened and the fuse would blow. When it blew this interrupted the flow of the current and allow the people to fix the problem and replace the fuse. Every time that one of these items blew, you had to replace it with a brand new one. They were not overly expensive but if the problem occurred in the middle of the night and you had no more spares you were out of luck until you could go to the store and buy more.

The breaker that is so popular now cost a great deal more than the fuses did but when they are tripped all you have to do is flip a switch to make them reconnect the flow of electricity to your wires. These items can last for many years without being replaced and unless you overload the circuit or you get a short then you do not actually realize they are there. When one of these items is tripped do not just flip it without attempting to discover the problem that caused it to disconnect the current. You could have a potential fire hazard on your hands and you need to discover that before you reconnect the juice.