Electrical Power Systems for Warehouses

Warehouses can be weird creatures when it comes to electricity. Each warehouse has its own requirements, and needs its own electrical power systems. Although lights are pretty much a given, some also require office set-ups. Some warehouses have an interior Wi-Fi system so as to help with inventory issues, with power hook-ups for any number of electrical devices. Others have their own unique requirements, especially if the warehouse is in a cold area or has special storage requirements. Any needs must be planned for as the warehouse is going up, even though there is some room for modifications when the warehouse is finally up.

Warehouse Lighting and Electrical Power Systems

For most warehouses the main problem is lighting. Some warehouses are not properly set up to allow for any decent lighting solution, so parts of the warehouse are dark even in daylight. Adding to the problem is that some electrical power systems are not designed to handle the electricity required to light the given warehouse so it seems that there is always a short in system or that some lights do not work. This only gets worse when additional structures are added to the situation, such as a guard station or a break area. Fortunately basic planning eliminates these problems at the planning stages.

Warehouse Storage Electrical Power Systems Solutions

Some warehouses have additional storage issues that need to be allowed for, such frozen foods or flammable items. Those warehouses need to make additional allowances when their electrical power systems are designed in order to ensure that the power requirements are taken care of, including back-up systems. A generator makes an ideal back-up, especially for systems that require continuous energy; a generator can provide an instant solution for cold storage units. On the other hand, some warehouses are designed to allow for local environmental factors, such as heat or rain; nonetheless, any warehouse must allow for its energy usage in the planning stages.

Frozen foods storage is particularly troublesome in designing an electrical power system. The refrigeration has a very high energy requirement. Some warehouses that deal with refrigeration have to have multiple power backup generators by law. Making this type of warehouse one of the more interesting and costly to design in terms of electrical power systems.

Warehouses may look like some of the easiest buildings to design, especially as they are just one large room. However, that size can actual be an issue if the warehouse needs to allow for some kind of specialized use, such as a cold storage unit or a food storage place. This just means that any electrical power systems used must allow for that specialized nature, making for some interesting design constraints. This just makes the building of a warehouse all the more interesting and a matter of pride when it all comes together for a warehouse that is successfully fulfilling its purpose.