Electrical Switchboard and Lighting Controls

In order to control the lighting in a facility or a residential space, a lighting control panel is needed. panel boards can be used to control the distribution of electricity and a subset of this panel is the lighting control panel.

Lighting Control Panels can give you total control of all the lights in a facility or a building or it can give you control of lighting in a specific section of the building. These panels can be either 3-phase or a single phase. If you wish to know more about the lighting control panels that is used in industrial facilities, then keep reading.

The standards for industrial lighting control panels and switchboards

NEMA standards are the set of standards and regulations for panel boards. Although that there are not any NEMA standards that is made specifically for lighting control panels, but it falls under the standards of panel boards in general.

This resulted in a variety of the NEMA standards that can be applied. For instance, most lighting control panels are used in enclosed places where it is dry where the type 1 NEMA enclosures are indicted. Besides that, there are NEMA standards that are made for locations that are surrounded with a harsh environment.

Same as the NEMA standards, there are not any UL standards that are made specifically for lighting control panels but there are standards that are made for the various ancillary tools that are used in these lighting control panels.

Different types of lighting systems

Most electrical companies create lighting systems that runs on 277 volts while using one line from the 3-phase power. This doesn’t mean that it is the only type as many companies use 208Y / 129 V lighting systems as well. On the other hand, there are lighting systems that are single-phase. In this kind of systems, there is a 2-pole breaker that delivers phase to phase voltage of 480 volts. Although it is possible but there are no lighting systems that use direct 3-phase power.

Designing your own lighting control system

When you are trying to make and design your own lighting control system, it is recommended to seek the advice of a panel manufacturer. He will give you all the information that you might need to succeed. He will also give you advice concerning the products and the tools to use. He will also give you all the tips needed in order for your lighting system to meet and exceed all the standards and regulations.