Power Supply Manufacturer for Industrial Facilities

Power Supply Manufacturer EPS

EPS which stands for Electrical power systems are formed by a group of electrical panels that are used in order to transmit, utilize and direct electric power. A large electric network that is responsible for supplying a whole region or a town with electricity is known as a power grid.

This power grid is basically an EPS but on a larger scale. This grid is responsible for supplying, transmitting, monitoring and directing the electric current to the industrial facilities and houses that lies within its network.

The bigger parts of EPS depend on 3-phase Alternate Current power. Despite the fact that most systems use the 3-phase Alternate Current power but some electrical system donít depend on them. These electrical systems that donít depend on the 3-phase AC are present in electric rail systems, aircrafts and ocean liners.

Most machines in the industrial facilities, A.C. units and pumps use Alternate Current power. On the other hand, digital devices and computers use the Direct Current power instead. There are digital devices that can use both and this is why they have an adapter switch that would switch from DC to AC and vice versa. One of the advantages of AC power is that it can be utilized by the brushless machines.

The importance of AC

Being able to transform the voltage of AC power is very important for two main reasons. The first one is that the power can be transferred over long distances with less electricity losses, especially at the high voltages.

This is why AC power is used when the power production plant is located far away from the consumption point. The second one is that it is very cost effective and cheaper to install turbines that produce high voltage that could then be used by many devices.

Power supply can be present in a smaller scale in the form of a generator that would allow you total control of the electricity of your house. These generators are used in order to provide your house with electricity in case of the occurrence of a power surge or an outage. This way you will still have electricity running through your house to operate the important devices and functions.

A power supply manufacturer builds the electrical generators, ground bars and electrical panels and are heavily relied upon by the industrial sector. Along with the importance of quality of product, a power supply manufacturer is also judged on its reputation and longevity in manufacturing. Quality equipment produced by a power supply manufacturer has to be relied on for years and thatís why industry turns to only the best for their electrical equipment.