Types of Electrical Power Systems in Factories

When it comes to electrical power systems for factories, it becomes very complicated. This is due to the fact that each factory has its own required setup. Of course, they all have one thing in common, they all need lights.

Some need office spaces for employees and others would need a Wi-Fi system in order to account for the entire inventory. Others are much more complicated if they need a heavy, industrial equipment that has special requirements. All the needs and requirements of the factory have to be planned and studied before construction.

Lighting requirements for factories

Lighting, as mentioned, is the most logical of power system requirements and the common one between all kinds of factories. The entire factory has to be properly lit because if the lighting requirements are not met, some of the areas in the factory will be unusable because it is dark and employees will not be able to move around in that dark area. This is why electrical power systems that will supply a factory with electricity have to account for the lighting needed for the entire factory.

This is due to the fact that if the power system is not powerful enough and is not designed to handle the amount of electricity needed to light the factory, it will lead to a power shortage and some lights will not be functional.

This problem will only become bigger when additional parts are added to the factory such as a break space or if the factory has to be updated with new equipment. This is why the electrical power system has to not only account for the whole factory but for future expansions and additions as well.

Factories with unique needs and requirements

Some factories, especially industrial manufacturing factories, have unique and special needs that differ from normal factories. This kind of factory would need larger areas for equipment and some need storage areas for flammable items. These kinds of factories would have to have an electrical power system that would account for those extra needs.

It also has to acquire a backup generator or an energy source in case the main power supply system went down for any reason; the backup generator would take its place. This is essential especially for food processing factories as without the electricity; the frozen food might go bad.

Other factories have special needs due to their location and the weather of that location. As some factories have to be designed to be able to face high heat, rain or even thunder and lightning storms. For instance, if the factory is located in an area that suffers from lightning storms, then installing ground bars is essential to overcome that problem.