How Do I Get Custom Ground Bars?

You know how the old saying goes “lightning never strikes the same place twice”. Well for insurers, this doesn’t only go as a saying. In fact, it strikes more than 250,000 times a year, leading to costs worth hundreds of millions of dollars due to property damages and bodily harm. In addition, as stated by the Lightning Protection Corporation, the expenses of homeowner’s claims as a result of lightning strikes have elevated by up to 20% over the course of three years, amounting up to $882 million in insurance claims. So how can such things are avoided? Lightning protection starts and ends with implementing custom ground bars.

Customized Ground Bars

So how are custom ground bars connected with lightning protection? Lightning protection is the process of diverting strikes towards the ground and afar from where they can lead injury or damage. Lightning is compelled to the earth’s surface, so the mechanism as to how grounding bars operate is quite simple and basic. Ground bars are economical devices that can be integrated to provide lightning with a smoother way of plunging into the earth’s ground without potentially damaging and harming people or equipment.

A lot of homes and structures have ground bar systems that has qualified for electrical codes and standards, yet a range of these networks were incorporated when electrical codes were not as strict and meticulous as before. Furthermore, innumerable systems have been included or configured through diverse contractors and suppliers over the course of time, most of which didn’t have comprehensive knowledge of grounding as a holistic system. Thus, a fundamental grasp of custom grounding bars and appropriate installation of these devices are of paramount concern to offer good and reliable lightning protection.

Designs of Ground Bars

So how does one get custom ground bars? You can find grounding bars from a range of suppliers and contractors. While their numbers exist in quite a handful, not all are worth every cent you pay, making ample research and comparison essential. In general, there are three important considerations when selecting the right ground bar for your business or home. These include the total number of networks within the site, the possible spaces necessary for future development, and the extent of the conductor and the connection terminals to be used. In many instances, grounding bars are sold and supplied as a kit. It typically involves the copper grounding, mounting brackets and the impasse insulators. Furthermore, a lot of grounding bar designs integrate a custom NEMA 3-hole archetype for bolted linking to compression flaps. Ground bars can be customized in terms of materials used also. Material customization would be used for environmental concerns such as high humidity or heavy moisture in the ground. The two most used materials used for ground bars are aluminum and copper.