Improving Construction Techniques and Ground Bar Placement

Grounding bars are necessary to all business design. The proper grounding a building creates a connection between the actual ground and sensitive electrical equipment. The connection protects personnel and equipment from damaging surges during dangerous electrical events.

With improved living standards, there is an exponential growth in installations of computers and telecommunication equipment. These devices comprise of extremely sensitive facets with respect to aspects such as surges hence increasing emphasis on efficient grounding techniques. Grounding makes it possible for all installed, electrical appliances to be earthed at the same position since they are bonded to one another.

Irregular electrical events cause perilous current differences and ground loops which have potential to endanger personnel, damage the equipment or affect the performance of the entire system negatively.

Ground bars help in reducing the electrical noises and static within the system especially in telecommunication systems. The end result is better transmission of higher frequencies utilized in these operations.

They also ensure equi-potential plane or zero voltage difference between electrical circuits .it is thus able to reduce environmental noise pollution and nuisance at the same time guaranteeing the safety of the personnel.

More complex grounding techniques are required for the communication masts since they house sensitive equipment yet constructed of large metal towers making them vulnerable to extreme electrical events such as lightning strikes.

Mitigation of the effects of ground faults is vividly depicted in the industrial set ups. Most industries operate on high voltages with multiple electric conductors present. Due to improper insulation and gradual tear and wear of the insulators, it is likely that there would be a high voltage leakage.

This will always follow path of least resistance to the ground (earthing) which is made possible by the conduction to the ground bar. Otherwise, the leakages in cases of steel foundations would be conducted to the steel sections of the reinforcements. Connection to the ground bars limits an accumulation of static when technicians have to handle flammable products or electrostatic sensitive devices. This would prevent possible fire out breaks.

It is thus fit to say that ground bars are important in daily safety against shocks, and in prevention of electrical and electronic gadgets against damage and ensuring better performance of telecommunication equipment in terms of signals and sound quality to mention but a few.