Installing Ground Bars

You will find top-quality, speedy-delivery manufacturers of electrical ground bars all across the nation. The best of them will be able to manufacture these bars based on the specific needs and/or specifications of each individual customer. Some manufacturers even have robotic machines that can be programmed to create and punch holes in copper bus bars. However they are made, these manufacturers will always keep them carefully stored in a cool, dry facility. The customers then have various ground bar kits to choose from. The average kit will include .25″ thick grounding bar of pitch copper.

Private Home Use of Ground Bars

Not all of their customers are companies. Some are private home-owners who are simply redoing the electrical wiring in their home. Many people try to do this tedious task on their own. If you are such a person, first of all make sure you know what you are doing. This is not the kind of job you can learn as you go. Secondly, you will want to acquire a permit before you get started. Many manufacturers won’t even sell to you unless you have this permit in hand.

The ground bars are the most important thing to the entire electrical operation. It is these bars that will keep your electrical system protected from electrical discharges. The importance of this should not be underestimated. The ground bars in essence will ensure the safety of those inside and outside the house in the event that there is electrical trouble.

Electrical Work and Ground Bars

When you have a permit in hand you can begin the electrical work. Only girded with such a permit can you personally make the necessary purchases that puts your electrical panel is up to code. To this end, it is crucial that you make sure your electric panel has a grounded bus bar. If it lacks this element, add it right away. The ground bar instillation process will be the last but most important step in your electrical wiring process.

Aluminum ground bars are available, however copper ground bars are probably your best bet. Copper reacts better to the soil. As a result, there is less chance of corrosion. Plus, Copper is simply a stronger, more durable and trustworthy material than aluminum.

There is absolutely no room for error here. The electrical remodeling job is not a task in which one can afford to make any mistakes, not one. It is therefore highly, highly recommend that you at the very least consult with a professional. These guys know what they are doing. Their job also requires that they be thoroughly detail oriented. They can provide you with the expert knowledge and recommendations you need to get the job done right. They can give important advice concerning lug placement, separation, utilizing towers, insulating hardware, and doing things with the most cost-efficiency. It is even better if you work with them at your side or just let them handle the whole thing.