Thermal Magnetic Industrial Circuit Breakers

industrial circuit breakers are electric devices used to break an electrical circuit during an overload. All industrial circuit breakers share common operating features and are differentiated by voltage class and current ratings. Thermal magnetic industrial Circuit Breakers are general-purpose circuit breakers that can be used to meet the needs of the bulk of industrial, inverse time circuit breaker needs.

What are Thermal Magnetic Industrial Circuit Breakers?

Industrial circuit breakers are a critical safety device in any manufacturing plant. Thermal industrial circuit breakers combine thermal magnetic trip actions and provide both overload as well as short-circuit protection for conductors and connection equipment. Thermal magnetic industrial circuit breakers are found in most distribution boards and utilize an electromagnet to respond to large surges in current (commonly known as “short circuits”) as well as a bimetallic strip that responds to long-term over-currents. The bimetallic element can be calibrated so the heat from normal level currents does not deflect. An abnormally high current, which could be caused by either a short circuit or overload, will cause the element to deflect and trip the link that holds the industrial circuit breaker shut.

Most thermal magnetic industrial circuit breakers fall into the “low-voltage” industrial circuit breaker category. The voltage rate of low-voltage industrial circuit breakers is usually 600 volts or lower. Molded case industrial circuit breakers that are capable of handling larger current ratings also oftentimes have a magnetic trip element to supplement the thermal trip element. In this case, the magnetic unit utilizes the magnetic force that surrounds the conductor to operate the circuit breaker tripping linkage.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers and Thermal Magnetic Industrial Circuit Breakers

Molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) are rated in accordance with UL standards. The current-carrying parts and trip devices are completely housed within a molded case of insulating material. Both the cover and base of small MCCBs are designed so they cannot be opened for any purpose whatsoever. Smaller continuous-current ratings are equipped with thermal-magnetic industrial circuit breakers or magnetic-only trip units. Larger sizes are also available, if needed, with thermal-magnetic industrial circuit breakers or static trip devices.