How to Select the Appropriate Panelboard

Selecting the right panelboards for your needs is important for a number of reasons. The panelboards is what controls the arrangement of the circuit breakers and the arrangement can be flexible depending on the structure and design of the panelboards. There can be more balance on the electrical load contingent upon how flexible the circuit arrangement is.

Factors to Consider For Selecting a panelboard

When selecting a panelboard there are a few key factors that should be considered. The panelboard is an important factor for selecting a panelboard . The rating of the panelboard is determined by the main bus current-carrying capacity. The correct rating should be determined before the panelboard is selected. The size of the panelboard should also be taken into consideration before choosing one. It should be able to accommodate the requirements for the wiring gutters. Other factors that should be considered for selecting the right panelboard are service in regard to voltage and frequency as well as the interrupting capacity. Keeping these factors in mind when selecting a panelboard can make it easier to make the right decision and save time and money in the long run.

The Installation of a panelboard

panelboards containing Circuit Breakers should be installed in areas that are out of the way, such as garages, basements, attics, and closets, but these areas should also be easily accessible for repairs, replacements, and maintenance of power equipment. There should also be adequate space and lighting for when repairs and maintenance takes place. This can help to avoid any potentially dangerous or fatal incidents from occurring during the process. For a larger facility there will most likely be multiple panelboards to host the circuit breakers and other power equipment for the entire facility. In a standard home, however, there is usually just one panelboard for the power equipment. The installation of the panelboard should not take too long. It probably can be installed in the matter of minutes if the maintenance person is already familiar with the installation process. The panelboard directory should be installed at the end and placed on the inside door of the panelboard.

Getting a Custom panelboard

To best suit your power needs you may need to get a custom panelboard. If a standard panelboard cannot fit in the existing space then a custom panelboard can be designed and manufactured. This route can help save money by reducing the costs for materials and time by decreasing the mount of time needed for installation. A custom panelboard can be created for both circuit breaker or fuse type mains and distribution devices.

Know the factors that are involved for selecting the appropriate panelboard for your needs. If a standard panelboard is not right for the existing space then a custom panelboard may have to be designed. Selecting the right panelboard is important since the nature of power equipment is important and can be dangerous if the proper equipment is not installed.