Including Panelboards for Data Centers in Remodels and Designs

If you have commissioned the design of a data center, regardless of the means of powering the facility, there are safety standards and power consumption issues to consider. Running a data center safely and up to code standards will require the best equipment from outlets to panelboards for data centers. Electrical consumption may also be affected during the design phase by choosing equipment that your engineers can work with. In the past, electrical consumption may not have been a concern during the initial phases of planning and designing a data center, but that has changed over the last five years. Responsible data center architects will now take everything into account from the source of generated electricity right down to the panelboards for data centers.

High-Grade Equipment panelboards for Data Centers

Criteria for data center designs have changed to meet the growing global interest in responsible electrical use. If your data center is on a grid powered by fossil fuel or is independent of the grid and using solar or wind power and the center was planned in or around 2006, then it was part of the design. Regardless of the means and methods for the data center receiving power, making efficient use of that power will rely on high quality equipment and upgrades to meet ever-changing guidelines and improvements in technology.

Expected Growth of Data Centers

When the first surge of data center construction began, studies estimated that energy consumption from US Data Centers would double. Studies performed in 2010 showed that accumulative power consumption by US Data Centers only increase to around thirty-six percent according to Professor Koomey of Stanford. Professor Koomey’s report “Growth in Data Center Electricity Use 2005 to 2010″ revealed that the US Data Centers only accounted for up to 2.2% of the national power consumption rates. This was attributed to economic downturns from 2005 to 2010, but power management services and improved technologies were also shown to have played a part in reduced power consumption figures.

Planning Your Data Center

As it was aforementioned, power consumption from data centers are now built into the design phase. This means that power management equipment must be state of the art in order to meet the demands of both the need for electricity and meeting best standards for maintaining responsible power consumption both nationally and globally. Data center planning now requires collaboration with architects and power management services and equipment suppliers to achieve a harmony of powerful computing and lower overall carbon footprint by the planned data center. With this collaborative effort; every data center following a similar design and building method will eventually stabilize power usage and possibly be able to contribute electricity back to surrounding communities if green energy technologies are also implemented in the design. Every design suggestion and piece of equipment from the panelboards for data centers to the solar panels generating supplemental power will create a path for improving technology for decades to come.