Panelboards for Protection and Safety

Dealing with electricity and electrical parts can be dangerous. Injuries and fatalities can result if the proper precautions are not taken when working with power equipment. Panelboards help protect from overcurrents and provide circuit control. They can only be accessed from the front, which adds to the protective aspect of panelboards.

panelboards for Different Environments

There are panelboards available that are safe for damp or wet areas, indoors or outdoors, and in corrosive or hazardous locations. The rugged and durable panelboard is protective in any type of environment. It helps to protect the power equipment from the harsh conditions that may surround the panelboard.

Panelboards to Control Power Equipment and Circuits

The power equipment and circuits can be controlled with the help of panelboards. Panelboards also give overcurrent protection from lighting, heating, or other electrical loads. The panelboards help to protect the equipment such as the circuit breakers that are inside.

Explosion-Proof Panelboards

Explosion-proof panelboards are created to be a safeguard in industrial locations. This product gives protection to electrical equipment in hazardous areas. Electrical equipment and branch circuits are easily controlled and short circuit protection is given with the help of these ruggedly designed panelboards. Having panelboards that prevent flammability from the power that runs through it is an important factor.

Having panelboards that provide protection and safety is the number one concern. Products and accessories are readily available for panelboards that help to ensure that personnel and equipment are protected.