Protection of High-Voltage Power Supplies from a Power Supply Manufacturer

Methods of High Voltage Power Supply

There are various methods of protection when a facility utilizes high-voltage power supplies. Protection can include supplemental external protection circuitry or special power supply mounting procedures. It is equally important to consider input power ground return, signal ground return and high-voltage ground return connections. This should all be discussed with the power supply manufacturer who will be supplying power supplies for a facility’s different applications to ensure the correct power supplies are provided.

High-Voltage Power Supplies

When electrical equipment is exposed to operating environments that are beyond its ratings, the equipment’s operating life will definitely be cut short. While high-voltage power supplies have different internal protection mechanisms, there are a few situations where supplemental external protection or special mounting procedures are recommended to protect a facility’s equipment.

Faults that require supplemental protection can include arcing between supplies of opposite polarity, high-speed current spikes or plasma discharge. These situation require supplemental protection circuitry in order to ensure proper and safe operation of high-voltage power supplies.

Special supplemental circuitry and procedures can be generally divided into two classifications: single high-voltage power supplies and multiple high-voltage power supplies.

Working with a Power Supply Manufacturer

High-voltage power supplies are an incredibly important part of any power system. Therefore, it is critical to work with a power supply manufacturer that is familiar with the different applications related to the use of high-voltage power supplies. These are very complex systems that require special attention to ensure the power supplies, as well as the mounting procedures for the power supplies are installed properly and will meet the facility’s needs.

It is always a good idea to have the power supply manufacturer meet at the facility to see the electrical system first-hand. This way they can better understand the facility’s power supply and electrical system needs and make specific recommendations as to what will work best to keep the electrical system, the facility’s employees and the facility itself safe and online and avoid shortening the operating life of the facility’s equipment.