Switched-Mode Power Supplies and finding a Power Supply Manufacturer

Whether many realize it or not, every electrical device has a power supply. From laptops to industrial equipment, power supplies are an important part of a system’s power cycle and its electrical safety. It is critical, however to purchase the correct level power supply from a skilled contracted power supply manufacturer.

What is a Switched-Mode Power Supply?

A switched-mode power supply is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to provide an efficient conversion of electrical power. A switched-mode power supply transfer power from a source, such as a power grid, while converting voltage and current.

Dissimilar from a liner power supply, the pass transistor of a switched-mode power supply switching quickly between full-on and full-off states, thus minimizing wasted energy, which ultimately saves energy and money. A linear power supply must dissipate the excess voltage to regulate output, which is a financial and electrical waste. When a switched-mode power supply is used, voltage regulation is made available by adjusting the ratio of  on to off time.

Switching regulators are used as a replacement for linear regulators when higher efficiency is required. Switched-mode power supplies are much more complicated than linear regulators as their switching currents can cause electrical noise problems if not suppressed properly. Therefore, it is critical a company in need of switched-mode power supplies work with an experienced power supply manufacturer.

Working with a Power Supply Manufacturer

A power supply manufacturer that is experienced with switched-mode power supplies will be able to provide guidance regarding which switched-mode power supply makes the most sense for the planned application. A power supply manufacturer will have the knowledge necessary to understand how the power supply will be used and what type of switched-mode power supply will not only have the capacity to conduct the correct level of electricity, but provide the necessary level of safety for both the facility employees as well as the facility as a whole.