Working with a Power Supply Manufacturer for Voltage Regulator Design and Manufacturing

A voltage regulator is a specialized part that works to maintain constant voltages. This is incredibly important from a safety aspect for both a piece of equipment as well as a plant’s electrical system as a whole. When voltage regulators need to be manufactured, they should be designed and built by an experienced power supply manufacturer.

What is a Voltage Regulator?

A voltage regulator is an electrical control device that works to maintain a constant voltage level automatically in lieu of a manual process. It could use an electromechanical mechanism, passive electronic components or active components and will vary based on need. It may be used to regulate one or more AC or DC voltages, which can differ based on the voltage regulator’s design.

A constant-voltage transformer accepts single-phase switch-mode power supply loading without the requirement for voltage de-rating, including all neutral components.

With the exception of passive shunt regulators, all electronic voltage regulator manufacturing in use today operate by comparing the actual voltage output to internal fixed-reference voltage. If any difference is found, it is augmented and used to control the regulation to ultimately reduce any voltage issues or errors. Many basic DC power supplies regulate voltage using a shunt regulator.

Voltage Regulator Manufacturing and a Power Supply Manufacturer

A power supply manufacturer will understand all the different specifics related to the design of the power supply for voltage regulator use, which will only supply the amount of current that is within a safe operating capability of the shunt regulating device. In shunt regulators, the voltage reference is also the regulating device.

When a power supply manufacturer is working to design a voltage regulator or shunt regulating device, they will take all these needs, especially safety requirements, into consideration, along with the ultimate planned use, implementation and testing of these parts so they are able to provide the best potential parts to their customer.