A Bolted Pressure Switch – The Four Facets

A bolted pressure switch is used for sensing changes in pressure and then making electrical contact or breaking an electrical contact if it reaches a certain pressure level.

A Bolted Pressure Switch is Easy to Operate

The bolted pressure switch may be installed as a backup if there is an electrical failure.

Bolted Pressure Switch for Safety

The bolted pressure switch is a safe product because of its ability to detect high- or low-pressure levels and then from there it makes or breaks electrical connections. When working with one, personnel take safety precautions by always making sure it is de-energized before beginning work and maintenance on it.

A Bolted Pressure Switch is Low Maintenance

While a bolted pressure switch requires little maintenance, maintenance is still absolutely necessary in order for it to perform its normal function. The maintenance should be done periodically in order to avoid system failure that could result in downtime of electricity to a building. It should be cleaned and lubricated periodically to keep it in tiptop shape. Cleaning and lubrication can take place between three and five years, depending on the usage amount of the bolted pressure switch. Taking a few measures to maintain it can help to save time and money in the long run.

A Bolted Pressure Switch is Dependable

As long as the bolted pressure switch is properly maintained, then there should not be any issues. It is a reliable piece of electrical equipment to measure pressure and then take the necessary steps to safeguard the building or facility against electrical outages.

A bolted pressure switch is designed to detect the pressure levels and then either make an electrical connection or break that connection. A bolted pressure switch is a piece of electrical equipment that is easy to operate, safe, low maintenance, and dependable.