How to Take Care of Your Bolted Pressure Switch

Bolted Pressure Switch Maintenance Requirements

Bolted pressure switches are mainly used in the industrial realm. The amount of maintenance required for this type of equipment may vary, but the following are general suggestions and all maintenance should be performed by the correct technicians for the job.

Why is Maintenance Important for Bolted Pressure Switches?

Maintenance is an important part of bolted pressure switches. Having a maintenance plan in place can help the facility owner time and money in the long run. The maintenance plans are used as a preventative measure and are absolutely essential for a long life for bolted pressure switches. Also, if the bolted pressure switch breaks or is damaged then the electricity would go out in the facility resulting in downtime. Bolted pressure releases are relied on heavily, especially since they serve as the main disconnect for facilities. Read below about three types of maintenance plans for this type of equipment.

Why are there Different Maintenance Requirements for Bolted Pressure Switches?

Maintenance is a routine part of industrial electrical equipment. For bolted pressure switches, the maintenance procedures listed below should be conducted on a periodic basis based on what is needed for the equipment. Maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication are all necessary for the life of a bolted pressure switch. Once a year, preventative maintenance should be performed while the full cleaning and lubrication is recommended every three to five years. Of course, these estimates will vary based on the use of the switches. Routine tests will have to be performed to make sure that the equipment is running properly.

Types of Maintenance for Bolted Pressure Switches

There are a few different types of maintenance procedures for bolted pressure switches. Corrective maintenance, time interval-based maintenance, and condition-based maintenance are the main types to help the equipment last for a long period of time without any issues. Other basic tests should be performed for bolted pressure switches, such as contact resistance, insulation resistance, fuse resistance, and ground fault and shunt trip operability. These tests help make sure that the equipment is operable and continues to work properly. These routine maintenance and tests are absolutely necessary for this type of equipment.

Who is Responsible for Maintenance of Bolted Pressure Switches?

Bolted pressure switches should be maintained by technicians who are certified to work with this type of equipment. Working with any type of electrical equipment can be dangerous, and it is especially true for industrial facilities where the equipment is more intricate and more power and electricity is involved. Safety is the number one goal, especially when working with electrical equipment. Always have a technician take care of the work and make sure to de-energize the bolted pressure switch before performing any type of work.

Knowing how to properly maintain bolted pressure switches is important for preventing electrical problems down the line for industrial facilities. Decide what type of maintenance plan is best for the facility and the type of bolted pressure switches that are used.