Understanding the Importance of a Bolted Pressure Switch

Bolted pressure switches are often installed as the main disconnect for various types of facilities throughout the nation. Bolted pressure switches are usually easy to identify by its long operating handle that compresses the operating mechanism spring. In an electrical circuit, a bolted pressure switch is a knife-blade style switch that has jaws. The knife blades fit under heavy pressure when the switch is closed. The pressure assures a low-resident electrical connection.

It is important to perform regular maintenance to a bolted pressure switch. This maintenance should include cleaning and lubrication. If facility personnel fail to properly maintain the bolted pressure switch, it can result in costly downtime, especially if it serves at the main disconnect for the entire facility. During maintenance and testing, it is important to utilize safety best practices in order to avoid damage to the bolted pressure switch or injury to facility staff charged with its maintenance and care.

Preventative maintenance should include a visual inspection of the bolted pressure switch at least once a year. A thorough cleaning and lubrication should occur every three to five years, depending on its usage and facility conditions. The manufacturer’s manual should provide detailed information on maintenance and care to ensure the facility’s bolted pressure switch continues to function properly.

Purchasing a Bolted Pressure Switch

Because a bolted pressure switch is such an central part of a facility’s safety, it is imperative to purchase a new bolted pressure switch from a company that understands the installation and maintenance of this important piece of equipment. When selecting the company to purchase a facility’s new bolted pressure switch, the company should have a long-standing history of providing excellent customer service and possess a thorough knowledge of this type of equipment.

It is safe to say that a bolted pressure switch is an incredibly important piece of equipment within any facility. Therefore, it is imperative that the installed bolted pressure switch be maintained and serviced on a regular basis and the facility work with a well-established company if additional assistance is required.