Pressure Switch Designs and Uses

Pressure Switch Uses

For the most part, the pressure switch is a component in any type of equipment that is designed to stop equipment from running if the pressure in it grows to an extreme or drops to an extreme. This is like the oil pressure in your vehicle. If it is too high, you can ruin your engine and if it goes too low, you can also ruin your engine. So the manufacturers install these devices to alert the driver and to stop the engine from operating until the problem is resolved.

Pressure Switch Types

There are many different designs of a pressure switch depending on the type of equipment that you have. You can get some that are adjustable like the ones you would find on a water well system. These items are designed to allow the well to kick on and pump more water when the pressure inside the tank falls below a certain level. When the pressure is built up to the pre-set level the switch turns the motor off.

You can have equipment that has an automatic pressure switch that stops the device from operating and then there are some pieces of machinery that has manual switches that the operator must engage. Every type of device that operates on gasoline or diesel has some form of these items on them. They are safety providers for the operator and for the equipment.

Normal Operating with a Pressure Switch

Most large machines will not operate if there is not someone sitting in the seat depressing a switch. These buttons under the seat prevent people from falling off things like tractors and then being run over by their own equipment. Most of them can be disengaged by cutting the wires that go from it to the power source but they do save limbs and lives every year.

Safety and the Pressure Switch

In large plants where the pressure in different components could actually create large explosions injuring several people, there are individuals who have the job of watching the gauges and responding if one of these devices emits a warning sound. Most of the ones in these types of areas will emit a warning alert noise so that someone can remedy the situation before the machinery is damaged or before the entire item is shut down.

You will find some of these items used in pools, and in various types of appliances throughout your home. Generally the ones used in these applications will be pneumatic versions. The pneumatic versions help batteries that are a combination of nickel and another metal to charge correctly.

Most of the items that we have created to do jobs for us or to make our lives easier need these parts in them to keep everything running according to their design plan. Before the invention of this application equipment and appliances broke more frequently because the operator was not aware there was a problem until the item was already damaged. Today we install items like these for preventive measures and for the safety of all the people around them.