Best Uses for a Pump Control Panel

Best Use for Pump Control Panels

One of the most important parts of a pump system is the pump control panel. Fluid dynamics operate to provide flow and pressure to make a system work correctly. Pump control panels are perfect for waste collection, transfer to waste treatment, rinse water and wash water applications. They can often include additional components, such as LED pilot lights, elapsed time meters, ground fault monitors, under voltage and single phase protection. They can operate in either duplex or alternating operation, depending on need.

Pump controllers monitor flow and level variables and control a pump in order to maintain a specific or required level. The need for pump control can include anything from turning a pump on and off to more advanced controls, such as pump speed and pump output pressure.

Duplex Pump Control Panels

Duplex pump control panels are steel and NEMA rated. It will control two pump motors and have to pump circuit breakers. Each motor can be started and stopped through a “Hand-Off-Auto Selector.” For safety purposes, it is important they have some type of alarm feature, such as an alarm horn.

Selecting the Right Type of Pump

When deciding on the right pump for a specific application, there are a number of factors to consider. Some of these considerations should include needed flow requirements and suction requirements. Other considerations should be the size of the suction and discharge lines, pressure ratings of the lines and valves required. The specific need will dictate the type of pump. If the wrong type of pump is selected and installed, the project will face serious challenges moving forward.

When working to select the right type of pump for a specific application, it is always a good idea to consult with a company that understands the specific applications for pumps, which pump is right for that identified need and the best way to install them.