How Can a Switchboard Ensure Safety?

Any electric power supply system works by directing the electricity coming to it to different tools or equipment. This is done by using an electric switchboard. An electrical switchboard is a essentially a safety device that is used to direct the electricity from one point to another.

In this case, it directs the electricity from the electric power supply system to the tools and equipment. It is basically one huge panel or a number of electric panels linked and mounted together. Each electric panel has control switches that control the direction of the electricity. Its main function is to control and direct the flow of electricity to other parts of the supply system.

How does a switchboard work?

The switchboard takes the incoming electric current and it divides it into chunks of smaller electric currents in order to distribute it, to meter it and switch it to other sources. They are commonly used to distribute the electric power supply to different control tools transformers and panel boards. The power that reached the switchboard is coming from an electric power source, whether it is a commercial power supply or coming from a power generator.

Of course, before the invention of switchboards, people used open knife switches to direct and control electricity. This was very dangerous because with the higher voltage, there is eminent danger and risk for the operator to get electrocuted.

This is why the modern switchboards are designed to protect the operator and isolate him from the electric current. This is done through the usage of switches and fuses that are mounted on the switchboard.

Also, in order to guarantee optimum performance and safety, the amount of electrical energy entering the switchboard has to resemble the amount of electricity getting distributed by it. In order to guarantee that, there are several load sharing switches and gauges. Those are present on the switchboard to control the amount of electricity and monitor it.

If there is a certain device or equipment from the ones connected to the switchboard that is not operational, then a minimum amount of electricity is going to be sent to that specific equipment. Also, all of the electric supply to the switchboard gets cut whenever the switchboard is getting fixed and maintained. This is done in order to guarantee the safety and the well-being of the workers so they donĂ­t get electrocuted.

So, the switchboard is basically what controls the flow of electricity through the entire power supply system. It can cut off, re direct or direct electricity to different parts and devices.