Is a Switchboard Custom Built?

A switchboard refers vaguely to a lot of things. It is used by different industries, and has several applications and uses for each varying industry. switchboards are involved in mixing consoles, printed circuit boards, and electric switchboards and for computing as a framework.

Viewing it in clearer and more specific standpoints, a switchboard is a device used by a company to connect a great number of phone lines. For instance, when you contact a firm, you may be entertained by an assistant who will be asking you who you want to speak to. After which, the receptionist will redirect you to the appropriate line that can help you fix a problem or inquire about something in particular. This assistant is known as the switchboard operator. Of course, these switchboards are intended and designed for telephone-related functions and capabilities.

A Standard or Custom Switchboard

When it comes to electric switchboards, the function varies immensely. So are switchboards custom built? Basically, there are standard switchboards you can find online and through your tech store. However, given appropriate experience and knowledge, one may be able to custom build his/her own switchboard for a particular purpose as well as to customize the device as per specifications to meet the circumstances. Before you prepare for custom building or ordering a custom built switch board, here are some facts to take into consideration.

Electric switchboards

Electric switchboards are devices that lead electricity from one point to the next. It is an amalgamation of panels; each one containing switches that enable power to be diverted. The American National Electric Code treats switchboards as a massive single panel or frame panels in which are mounted on the anterior, posterior or both, switches and other safeguarding paraphernalia, buses and typically instruments. The main function of switchboards is to partition the primary current offered to the switchboards into compacter currents for further allocation and to offer preservation, conversion and measurement of these different currents. Basically, switchboards allocate energy to control equipment, panel boards and transformers.

Switchboard Safety

The one operating switchboards is safeguarded from the potential risk of being grounded with the presence of safety buttons and fuses. There may also be handles for the supplementation of power to the switchboards, derived from a power generator or storage of electrical generating machines, particularly frequency control of AC power and load allocation handles, in addition to gauges displaying frequency. The level of electric power accessing switchboards should perpetually equal the power that comes out of the loads.