Switchboards, Custom Built for Non-Standard Installations

The term switchboard is a term that is used to describe many things. For instance, it is used in many applications and many manufacturing processes. switchboards are mainly used in printed circuit boards known as PCB which is used to support and electronically link electronic components together through conductive tracks or pathways. It also can be used for audio mixers also known as soundboards that are used in recording audio professionally.

To explain it further, a switchboard is what different companies use in order to link a huge amount of phone lines together. To elaborate, if you call a company or a firm, an assistant will pick up the call to know who you want to contact. Then he or she will redirect you to the receptionist who will then direct you to the one you want to contact to get your problem solved.

The assistant that picked up the call is named the switchboard operator as he is the one who operates the switchboard and direct the calls to the right direction. This is only one example of a switchboard as this one is made and manufactured to serve telephone related tasks.

Electric switchboards as mentioned, have many applications and functions. This is why it is advised to get a custom built switchboard in order to serve a specific need. Of course there are a lot of switchboards that can be found on the internet or at any store but for a better performance, it is better to buy and get a custom build switchboard to satisfy a specific function. Before approaching custom built switchboards you need to get some facts straight in order to guarantee optimum performance.

The first fact is that switchboards come with safety precautions. For instance, the person who is operating is protected from any dangers of being grounded through the existence of safety fuses. Also in order to guarantee that the level of electricity entering the switchboards is the same as the amount of electricity going out, there has to be handles that would supply the switchboard with extra power. This power can come from an electricity generator or other forms of electricity generating tools. In addition to that, there are gauges that would display and monitor the frequency.

The second fact is that switchboards are merely tools or devices that direct the electricity from point A to point B. It is formed by the merging of various electric panels. According to the Electric Code of America, switchboards are looked upon as one huge single electric panel. This means that its primary task is to direct the electric current that is entering the switchboard into other panel boards or equipment.