When a Switchboard is Necessary to Use

The switchboard has become an essential part of our lives as it serves many needs and is used in many applications. There is one for telecommunications and phone related needs, but also those that are used for electrical needs.

The switchboard that is used in a power supply system is called the electric switchboard and lastly there is also one that is used in computing which is called framework. Each of these switchboards are necessary for their assigned tasks, where the most commonly used ones are those used for electric transmission and telecommunications.

Electric Switchboard

This kind of switchboard is used in order to direct the electricity from one point to another point. It basically directs the electrical energy coming to the switchboard and directs it to the equipment and devices connected to this power supply system.

It does that by dividing the electric current into smaller currents then directing them to the feeders that direct them to the devices. This type of switchboard contains various control switches, fuses and disconnect switches that are used to control each panel and each connected device.

Telecommunication Switchboard

The switchboard that is used in telecommunication is entirely different from the one that is used in electric power supply systems. When the telecommunication switchboard was first introduced back in the 1880s, it was an analogue switchboard. This is considered the first ever switchboard to be used in telecommunication.

It was used in order to link phone lines together and to control them using a control panel, which is the switchboard. Back in the day, this switchboard was controlled and operated by hand. Today is a different story, it is all electrically controlled. Now you can link people from outside to the network of internal phone lines with one click of a button.

There is a much simpler type of switchboards; it is called Interactive Voice Response. This one is used by small companies as they only use it for one situation. It is when a customer calls the company and requests to speak to someone who is located in another part or another section of the business. This Interactive Voice Response switchboard has 3 categories, Namely Outbound, Inbound or both.

Large enterprises use ACD which is an abbreviation that stands for Automatic Call Distribution. This switchboard system is commonly used in call centers and big businesses. In this switchboard, the call is received by an operator who operates the switchboard through a computer or a dashboard in order to switch and direct the calls to the right direction. The advantage of this system is that is lowers the waiting period that the client has to endure until an operator picks up his call.