High, Medium and Low Voltage Switchgear Power Systems Explained

Information About switchgear power systems

Switchgear power systems are important to make sure that the equipment is running properly and that the electrical supply is consistent where it needs to be.

Types of switchgear power systems

High, medium and low voltage switchgear power systems are designed for safe power distribution and to help eliminate any failures in the power equipment. Monitoring, control, and protection are the primary functions for this type of equipment. Low voltage switchgear power systems are ideal for short distance distribution. The low-voltage distribution systems are being monitored, controlled, and protected.

Preventative Maintenance and Testing for High, Medium and Low Voltage switchgear power systems

Preventative maintenance and testing is required and an absolute necessity for all high, medium and low voltage switchgear power systems in order to avoid them from failing unexpectedly. Upgrades and modifications to the equipment will be made during the maintenance and testing process.

Custom switchgear power systems

Many companies will offer custom switchgear power systems to fit almost any type of design specifications for both high voltage and low voltage switchgear. In many cases, it is more cost-effective to have a custom-built switchgear power system designed and created rather than reconstructing the space itself. It is part of the customer service provided by companies to create custom switchgears for any space imaginable.

New or Used switchgear power systems

When choosing any type of switchgear power systems, it is always important to choose equipment that is safe and meets industry standards. If someone decides to go with any type of used power equipment, it should be purchased from a trusted manufacturer. It may be more cost-effective for people to buy used equipment than new equipment. If the equipment has been remanufactured or rebuilt, it often times comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. New equipment would come with a full warranty and would have never before been energized. There is also what is called electrically-ok equipment. Even though this equipment has been deemed as electrically-ok, it does not mean that it is ready to be used right away. It still has to go through testing in order to be ready for use.