Preventative Maintenance for Switchgear Power Systems

Switchgear Procedures

Learn about the preventative maintenance procedures that are required for switchgear power systems and the reasoning behind why it is necessary.

What are switchgear power systems?

Switchgear power systems are used to help protect circuits and interrupt the power supply during abnormal activities. If there is anything going on with the power supply, such as a short circuit, the switchgears prevent power from traveling to circuits. It would still supply power to the circuits that have not been affected. Whenever there are dangerous situations that could potentially occur then the system would automatically de-energize. Switchgears function to both energize and de-energize parts of the system.

Components of Switchgears

There are a few major components for the installation process of switchgear power systems. Controls, meters, gauges, and indicators all need to be installed and possibly replaced at some point along the life of the equipment. The parts of the switchgear system can be replaced individually when needed rather than having to replace the whole system.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Necessary for switchgear power systems?

In order for switchgear power systems to run properly at all times and to operate during the most critical moments, preventative maintenance should be performed periodically. The reality is, however, that this equipment will not last forever and that the normal wear and tear of the equipment being used consistently will cause it to be outdated after awhile. Also, as new standards are set in place for this type of equipment, newer equipment that meets the standards will be used instead. It will most likely not be worth it in the long run to update it to meet the new standards, so new equipment will be preferred.

Consequences of Malfunctioning switchgear power systems

If the switchgear power systems were to malfunction at any point, not only can other equipment be damaged, but people in the building and surrounding area can be seriously injured depending on the severity of the situation. People can be electrocuted as a result of malfunctioning power equipment, such as switchgears. When installing, maintaining, repairing, and inspecting switchgear, the equipment should be de-energized to reduce the risk of injury and electrocution.

Inspections for switchgear power systems

The inspection period for switchgears depends on the type of switchgears that are used. For metal-clad switchgears, inspections should take place between six months and a year after first being installed. From there, an inspection every five years should suffice. One factor that would require more frequent inspections is the actual condition of the plant. If the plant is in very poor condition then the switchgears will have to be inspected more frequently.