Switchgear Power Systems

Switchgear power systems, also simply referred to as switchgear is a combination of circuit breakers, fuses, and electrical disconnects which segregate electrical equipment within the power system. This is the very system that automatically switches buildings from commercial power to generator power during a power outage. When an electrical issue is perceived, it is switchgear that turns the building’s power supply to generator power under one of these two circumstances: make before break and break before make.

The Break Before Make Switch

This type of switchgear power systems is commonly used in residences and generators in businesses which do not require continuous power supply. This means that an interruption in power will not lead to critical circumstances.

What happens on a break before make scenario is that the generator disengages from a commercial power source before it switches to generator power. Where manual systems are used instead of automatic, break before make brings the advantage of fuel savings.

The Make Before Break Switch

This kind of switchgear is common in entities which require an uninterrupted power supply. In this scenario, the building switches to the generator power supply when the onsite computer indicates an impending commercial power outage. Once the signals are detected, the switchgear power systems steer clear of the power outage by automatically turning the generator power on.

Some of the common businesses that require this switchgear type are data centers, hospitals, defense organizations and laboratories.

Transfer Switchgear Maintenance and Why It Is Essential

Backup generators are rarely used which is why businesses hardly ever find it a necessity to regularly maintain them. Unlike other machines that are used in production or operations, backup generators are seldom utilized; therefore, they are not a priority.

The upkeep of these emergency generators necessitates regular maintenance such as the maintenance schedules given to other machineries. The primary maintenance for switchgear is switch servicing itself.

Over time, switchgear power systems can also succumb to internal oxidization, wear and tear as well as dirt accumulation. If left by itself, the switchgear can penetrate sensitive parts and cause the type of harm that can cause a serious malfunction.

For organizations or companies that do not employ maintenance staff that specialize in generator operation, it is advisable to get in touch with a supplier of emergency power solutions in order to perform regular transfer switch preservation. A company that fails to do this is in peril of losing a huge amount of money in the long run.