Switchgear Power Systems and Substations

Switchgear power systems and substations work hand-in-hand to provide electrical power across the country. This is an incredibly important equipment partnership that helps to ensure electrical power continues to flow successfully to all its customers.

What are switchgear power systems?

Switchgear power systems combine electrical disconnects, fuses and circuit breakers. These switchgear power systems are used to remove potential electrical faults downstream in the entire electrical generation process in order to provide safe electrical power. It also helps to increase the reliability of electrical supplies to the power customers on that electrical system.

Today’s electrical equipment, which includes switchgear power systems, allows for the large electrical currents and power levels required today to be safety controlled and transmitted.

What is a Substation?

An electrical substation is a secondary station that provides electric generation, distribution and electrical transmission. The substation uses transformers to change high voltage to low voltage, or the opposite, depending on need and the substation setup. Depending on that need, as well as the location of the substation, the power generated may pass through several substations before reaching the customer to provide their electrical power.

In the past, substations were connected to one power station location where the generator was located. Now, power is generated and distributed through large electrical grids. These power grids provide electricity generation, electric power transmission, electricity distribution and electricity control.

How do switchgear power systems and Substations Work Together?

switchgear power systems and substations are most commonly located on both the high and low voltage sides of power transformers. When the switchgear is located on the “low voltage side” of the transformers, they are located in what is referred to as a Power Distribution Center. These Power Control Centers also contain electric relays, meters and communication equipment to help ensure proper electrical distribution.

When transformers and switchgear power systems are used in industrial settings, also known as a Load Breaking Switch Fuse Unit, they can be combined into a single housing unit, which is referred to a unitized substation.