What is an Intelligent Switchgear Power System?

Most of us are unaware of how complex and intricate an electrical system really is. In addition, if you asked any common lay person what a switchgear power system is, most of their faces would be as blank as an empty page. Yet, we all depend on the wonders of electricity. It simply powers our life. From our homes, to our cars, to our gadgets, and to our jobs – we’re addicted to it. Don’t believe us? What happens when there’s a power outage? Sure some of us sigh comfortably from the silence; but the masses of us go stir crazy. And behind almost all of these electrical comforts, is a switchgear power system that is making the invisible magic possible.

However, as wonderful as electricity has been, we have also suffered from the many tragedies that electrical mishaps can cause. As a result, power supply manufacturers have worked diligently to create what’s called an ‘intelligent switchgear power system’ that has the ability to manage electric power within a residence or business in order to improve electrical efficiency and safety.

Current Inadequacies of switchgear power systems

The current switchgear power system does not possess the following important utilities:
switchgear power systems should diagnose defects and malfunctions in order to prevent fires due to electricity.
switchgear power systems should predict the electric power demand for a month’s period of time in order to manage electrical efficiency.

When these shortcomings are included, the cost can be potentially prohibitive and the shear size of the switchgear power system can become a hindrance.

Advantages of an Intelligent Switchgear Power System

An intelligent switchgear power system can overcome the disadvantages of common electric switchgear power systems by utilizing efficient internal computer technology that can perform such functions as:
System diagnosis
Electric fire prediction prevention
Electric power demand prediction

There are many methods and designs available currently for intelligent switchgear power systems, however, one that you might want to consider is an intelligent switchgear power system entitled a “neural networks (NN).” This type of artificial intelligent switchgear power system is especially known for their excellent abilities in pattern recognition and prediction.

Ultimately, NN switchgear power systems are capable of detecting electric sparks that have the potential to cause electrical fires, and predict monthly power demand in a load network. Common electronic switchgear power systems can be grossly improved with the addition of a NN, which is a simple, fast and cost-effective approach for computation of the required functions in a complex system such as the power utility network.