Why Use Switchgear Power Systems?

Switchgear is an electrical power system that contains circuit breakers, disconnect switches and a set of fuses. These switches are used to isolate and protect any equipment connected to the power supply system. These switches help protect equipment as they are designed in order to predict any electrical overload. Resulting from this, it will cut off the electrical power supply to that circuit until it can be fixed.

Switchgears were invented and used at the end of the nineteenth century but before that, power supply stations didn’t use it, they used open knife switches. An open knife switch is what they used in order to stop the flow of power to a specific circuit. It consisted of a hinge and a metal knife (lever). This lever would be lifted from or pushed into a jaw. There are two types of open knife switches. The single throw and double throw. Also many knifes can be created on one handle so it can be used to control more circuits at the same time.

In the middle of the 19th century, the power voltage and level started to get much higher which made the usage of the manually controlled switches (open knife switches) very risky and dangerous. This is why they started to used Oil-filled equipment that made is safe to control and direct energy. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the switchgear in its newest form was introduced. The switchgear is basically a big metal structure.

This metal structure contains fuses, control switches, Circuit Breakers and disconnect switches that are electrically operated. Nowadays, the concept is the same but the oil filled equipment has gotten replaced by SF6 or air blast equipment. This allows high voltage currents to be controlled and directed without any risks or dangers using state of the art technology, digital controls and metering for protection.

A lot of people wonder about the huge sub-stations that are located nearby. These sub-stations are used in order to cut the power supply flow that is going to the power lines in order for workers to work on them in case they go down because of bad weather or any other reason.

These sub-stations also have cyclone fences that are located far away from the station itself. You are advised not to have any contact with these fences. This is because a lot of people see workers climbing it. So they think it is safe to do so. It is not, they climb it using special tools that protect them from any harm. Switchgear power systems can be used in a smaller scale. For instance, in resident houses. If the power supply system allows the entry of many high volts through your power supply system, this will most likely cause harm to any equipment and appliance that is connected to this power system. This is why you have to carefully monitor these switches in order to protect the appliances at your home. This can be achieved by using breaker panels and fuse boxes.