Upgrading Existing Breakers for Data Centers and its Effect on Energy Efficiency

No one is protected from the rapidly increasing pace of technological advancement and data centers are no exception. Recent research carried out by The Aperture Research Institute (ARI) (2007) showed that over a third of data centers were more that 4 years old. It is therefore not surprising that many center managers are dealing with an increasing internal and external demand concerning an update of equipment like breakers for data centers in their... Read More

Breakers for Data Centers: Power and Design

The correct set up for a server room or data center isn’t always in the forefront of a small business owner’s mind. However, when you consider all the systems and mission-critical tasks that take place within the equipment housed within a data center or server room, it certainly should be near the top of the list. There are a number of points every small business owner should consider when designing a server room; especially for power... Read More

Power Flow and Control of Industrial Circuit Breakers

The Importance of a Industrial circuit breaker industrial circuit breakers are an important part of a power system’s safety process. Industrial electric circuit breakers are automatically-operated switches that are used to prevent potential equipment damage or personal injury. It is important, however, that the correct industrial Circuit Breakers are used to mange the correct power flow. What are Industrial Circuit Breakers? Industrial circuit... Read More

New Research Paper Focuses on Avoiding Downtime and Breakers for Data Centers

In a recently released paper, with data collected by Forrester, focused on how businesses can avoid downtime and focus on disaster recovery as an important part of data center management. Minimizing Downtime and Improving Disaster Recovery According to Forrester’s research, the best disaster recovery plans are often well conceived, but poorly cared for, often due to a lack of resources more than a lack of interest. Only a small percentage of... Read More

Facebook Demystifies Data Center Design and Breakers for Data Centers

Everyone can agree that Facebook has gone from a small dorm room start-up to a force in the computing and internet industries. As a result, the company was having significant issues finding the right equipment for their server rooms, including breakers for data centers. So, they developed the “Open Compute Project.” The Open Compute Project and Breakers for Data Centers The Open Compute Project was started about a year ago with the goal... Read More

Data Center Infrastructure Management and Breakers for Data Centers

As data centers become more and more complex, management of those data centers and breakers for data centers can be very cumbersome and complicated when attempting to combine IT infrastructure management with building management. The use of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools can help bridge the gap between these two important areas, while ultimately creating a more energy efficient and safe workplace. What is Data Center Infrastructure... Read More

Efficient Breakers Make Reliable Data Centers

Breakers for Data Centers and Reducing Server Downtime For the IT or data center manager, downtime is always a prime concern. In today’s business model, downtime isn’t just an inconvenience. It can mean lost revenue. According to a 2009 survey of the Data Center User’s Group, efficiency was listed as a primary concern by more than 47 percent of data center professionals polled. This ultimately makes energy and energy saving the second... Read More