Tap Boxes – A Feasible Way To Managing Power Interruption

Living in a region that frequently experiences power supply problems is, unfortunately, not out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, surviving a whole week without any power outage, blackout or brownouts is a rarity. Some reasons that can be attributed to the unreliable power include demand exceeding supply, an aging electrical network, as well as simple weather problems. Because of these frequent outages we had to put in place a mechanism to combat... Read More

Camlocks – How My Business Overcame An Unreliable Power Supply

Electricity may sometimes be unreliable, especially during stormy weather. In most cases, the supply of electricity becomes interrupted either from the distribution point or along the supply lines. Poor electrical systems also contribute to power failures. This interruption causes a lot of losses to businesses that depend on electricity for their operation, and can even cause large losses if things like refrigeration systems are interrupted. They... Read More

Of Camlocks And Men

When you’re a manager, you get to see some pretty strange things. In all of Ian Jackson’s career, the current conflict between Morgan, his accountant, and Frank, the electrical contractor, ranked as one of the most bizarre. He’d never before seen two guys arguing quite so enthusiastically over camlocks. Morgan, unfortunately, was being Morgan. The guy was pedantic; there was no doubt about it, and he had a particularly ponderous “checklist”... Read More

In Search Of Camlocks

Ed looked at his building manager warily. Alan was apparently a really nice guy, but there was absolutely no way that he was going to understand all the issues related to managing new power systems. The building was desperately in need of upgraded camlocks and power systems. Alan had hired him to check out the building electrical system. It was a comparatively new building which Alan’s company had just started managing. Somebody had definitely got... Read More

How To Manage Power Supply Problems – The Tap Box And System Support Services

The Tap Box And System Support Services This scenario may be familiar to industrial and commercial managers: You have a modern business operating multiple streams of production and other operations including business systems. There’s a power supply problem. Power outages happen, doing some damage to your nerves as well as the business systems. At short notice, you’re expected to understand, manage, and find a fix a modern power supply system. You... Read More

Camlocks – All-Purpose Power System Connections

If you don’t know much about camlocks, you’ve got a lot of company. These critical parts of power systems are almost unnoticed and unknown, unless you’re a professional electrician. Camlocks are used for managing power system connections between a power source, and the power system which distributes power to your business and operational systems. They come in a very wide range of sizes, shapes, and configurations, including customized designs... Read More

East Coast Power Systems Camlock Solutions

East Coast Power Systems offers Camlock solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Temporary coupling to a main power supply is safe and easily installable as well as having generator access, and back up. For safety and to exceed UL standards the Camlock enclosures are insulated from mechanical lugs. The Camlocks are clearly marked for accurate connection sequencing adding to ease of installation and they are color coordinated. To... Read More

Why You Should Opt For Camlocks From East Coast Power Systems

It’s no fun replacing expensive industrial assets. Therefore, getting camlocks and camlock enclosures are paramount to ensure the protection and safety of your valuable assets. Apart from reducing safety and security concerns, here are a few other reasons why you should get opt for camlock solutions from East Coast Power systems. Custom Designs Custom camlock designs are a rare commodity. However, East Coast Power Systems offer high quality,... Read More

Emergency Power Parts: The Camlock

If you are looking to install or maintain an emergency power system, there are a number of things you need to look out for when considering and reviewing your system. To begin with, emergency power systems are an integral part of any power system as they provide much needed support when normal power systems fail. Emergency generators are, however, often only used in commercial and industrial contexts – but it’s easy to see why. It is easy... Read More

Generator Connection Cabinets – Everything you need to know about Camlocks

Generator connection cabinets, or camlocks as they are also known (cams for short), are a crucial part of any emergency power supply system. This short article is meant to act as an introduction to help clear up what their main functions are and what to look out for if you encounter these, or need to service them. In the most basic sense, generator connection cabinets contain the connection points between what supplies electricity and what uses that... Read More

Emergency Power & Camlocks – For Your Business

Power is an integral part of any home or business. Like many people, power outages can be a real frustration and nuisance, but in many business and professional circumstances a lack of power can seriously damage you financially and may also be very dangerous. That is why you need camlocks. This short guide has been made to make you consider why a back-up option could be right for you and to clear up some of those technical questions from camlocks... Read More

Camlocks – The Basics

Camlocks are an integral part of any emergency power generation as they serve to help move currents to where they are needed. The use and implementation of cams varies from country to country and are used more in some places than others. With a large array of colors, extra care should be taken when looking at your own system. Not having the adequate connections in place generally causes more problems than the generator was intended to solve. For these... Read More

Docking Stations – Benefits Explained

If you are a business that can’t stand to be without power long, you should always think about the best and most cost-effective way you can service your needs should complications arise. Docking stations are a great investment for your business. Although back-up power generators are a popular option, they may not always be ideally suited to you due to financial or space constraints. For these reasons, many companies often opt for power docking stations... Read More

Camlock Generator Cabinets

Once an afterthought…now a necessity and requirement. Generator Cabinets are an easy and convenient portable or emergency backup power connection that can be used in a variety of circumstances. Cabinets are either wall or pad mounted outside of the building and wired to the business’s transfer switch and main breaker. Once mounted, a portable generator can be connected to the installed Camlock Cabinet for quicker and safer emergency backup power... Read More