Qualities of Good Power Services for Data Centers; Saving the Server Rack

Server Racks and Data Centers A server rack is one of the most important equipments in most power services for data centers and that is why choosing a good one should always be taken seriously. A good rack is indeed able to help cut down on several costs including power or energy use. The server rack is of course usually made of a metallic material and has a lot of functions which include safety and housing of the mountable servers. So what exactly... Read More

Power Services for Data Centers Power Usage Estimates Better Than Predicted

Power Consumption for Data Centers It was originally predicted that because of the growing need for internet and computing services that the US power consumption would double. However, recent studies have demonstrated that energy efficient power services for data centers have reduced the overall national consumption of power. Even with a global shift towards cloud computing services, the power requirements are balanced by the use of efficient power... Read More

Power Overload Protection: Breakers for Data Centers

Data Center Cost Increase Power consumption and costs have both been slowly increasing in recent years. As high density computing, virtualization, server consolidations, and build-outs continue to remain popular ways to save data center space while increasing data space, power consumption totals will continue to rise. The typical power required for a server rack has increased from two kilowatts to 10 kilowatts over the last 10 years. The breakers... Read More

Power Monitoring and Breakers for Data Centers

Data Centers a Complex System Data center power monitoring has evolved from basic metering systems to complex communication, network and software systems. There are a number of considerations, however, when selecting and deploying a power monitoring system, which should always include tracking breakers for data centers. Understanding Power Monitoring Data centers are definitely considered “mission critical” in today’s business climate.... Read More

Planning for Energy Efficient Power Services for Data Centers

Data Centers using New Energy Efficient Systems The success or failure of a data center and power services for data centers is mainly involved with the way that the energy consumption is planned and executed and that is why this is a very vital aspect to consider in the design of the center. It is very important that some key aspects are included in just about every stage of the development of a data center that is going to use energy in the most... Read More

Modular Data Center Design and Panelboards for Data Centers

The data centers of some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world utilize modular data center designs. Companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon all take advantage of modular data center designs to make their data centers both efficient and flexible. When a modular data center design is utilized, it takes into account all aspects of a data center, including items like cooling systems, power services, and panelboards for data... Read More

Managing Cost and Power Services for Data Centers

Costs associated with electric and power is an issue every business owner struggles with on a constant basis. As more and more businesses have their own data centers on site, those power costs will continue to increase, ultimately turning into a major cost center in any business’ budget. By taking the time to understand the intricacies of power services for data centers, however, business owners can do a better, more informed job at controlling... Read More

Industrial Circuit Breaker, a Different Device

When most people think of a circuit breaker they think of the little black switch that trips when they try to run the toaster and microwave at the same time. The industrial circuit breaker is a very different device. These can be similar in size and configuration to the common breaker but they can be as big as a room and operate at tens of thousands of volts and thousands of amps. There are several types available from a variety of manufacturers.... Read More