Why We Need to Keep Power Services For Data Centers Optimized

As success for technological companies increasingly depends on the management and processing of enormous amounts of data, a closer look needs to be taken to the power services that support data centers and keep them functioning. Data centers are one of the biggest energy-consuming units in the world. They need huge power systems backing them. The proliferation of data as a solid source of information for decision makers means that the installment... Read More

UPS Issues Found to be Leading Cause of Issues with Power Services for Data Centers

Issues with UPS equipment and configuration issues are atop the most frequently cited reasons of outages in power services for data centers, according to a survey of more than 450 data center professionals. The study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, also highlighted issues between data center staff and company executives regarding uptime readiness. The National Survey on Data Center Outages surveyed 453 data center staff members in the U.S. who... Read More

Understanding Power Services for Data Centers

When planning the construction of a data center regardless of business size, there are many different factors that need to be considered. Quite possibly one of the most important considerations, however, is understanding the options of power services for data centers. How Power Services for Data Centers Differ from Standard Power Services Providing an appropriate level of power services for data centers is often the most expensive aspect to building... Read More

Will Cloud Computing Positively Have Switchboard Effect on Data Center Energy Consumption?

Cloud computing is the latest trend to rock the IT world, with large international internet service providers scrambling to secure their position in this developing sector. The consequent fervor caused by cloud computing has resulted in the emergence of numerous studies, papers, blogs, threads and discussions, which applaud the switchboard effect that cloud computing will have on the energy utilization of data centers. Research such as that undertaken... Read More

What are Panelboards for Data Centers?

Power is an essential, as well as an incredibly complex and potentially dangerous, part of every data center. One item housed within every data center is a panelboard. It is important for anyone involved in maintaining and servicing a data center understands what panelboards for data centers are and how they interact with all the other equipment within the data center. Panelboards for Data Centers At its simplest definition, panelboards are a component... Read More

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and Panelboards for Data Centers

Over time, panelboards have changed from a simple housing that is an assembly of fuses, switches and circuit breakers to the utilization of supporting a variety of different complex electrical equipment. Today’s panelboard designs support a variety of electrical supply systems with over current protections for many short-circuit capabilities, resulting in a complex marking system. Underwriter Laboratories Inc. plays an important role in the... Read More

Understanding Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Data Centers

Data centers and server rooms are both a critical and complex part of every business around the world. Regardless of the type of business today, when a server or system goes down, it can both disrupt day-to-day work by employees, as well as cost the business large amounts of money. As a result, medium voltage vacuum circuit breakers for data centers are becoming increasingly important in server room operations. Medium Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breakers... Read More

The Importance of Panelboards in Data Centers

Power is an essential part of data center operation with the electricity usage costs regarding such facilities having doubled in the period from 2000 to 2006; contemporarily there are no signs of this trend slowing. Power is not only expensive for data centers; it can also be extremely problematic. Equipment housed in data installations such as computers, servers and storage devices are extremely sensitive to unexpected changes in electrical voltage,... Read More

Upgrading Existing Breakers for Data Centers and its Effect on Energy Efficiency

No one is protected from the rapidly increasing pace of technological advancement and data centers are no exception. Recent research carried out by The Aperture Research Institute (ARI) (2007) showed that over a third of data centers were more that 4 years old. It is therefore not surprising that many center managers are dealing with an increasing internal and external demand concerning an update of equipment like breakers for data centers in their... Read More

Upgrading Power and Panelboards for Data Centers

Many data centers built before 2001 are likely no longer able to properly power and cool their IT systems. According to recent statistics, today’s data centers and server rooms consume up to 30 times more energy per square foot than an “average” office building. And that number will continue to climb as more and more companies have their own data centers and server rooms. Many business owners report their biggest hurdle to expansion... Read More

Understanding the Use of Power Services for Data Centers

Data centers are some of the most energy-consuming units in the world. A recent study revealed that as the world develops and becomes more and more aware of the data advantages that are available, more and more people will begin to use data related technologies in their day-to-day life, which means that there is a growing demand for data centers. As data centers increase throughout the world, more power is being directed to the running of these units... Read More

Things to Consider When Buying Power Services for Data Centers and Equipment

Power equipment in a data center is some of the most important things to pay close attention to if you want to get the best out of the center. Several things must be decided upon before buying any of the power equipment or power services for data centers to be used in the center. One of the things that should be taken seriously is the efficiency of the particular equipment to be used. There are usually labels on the equipment which indicate just how... Read More

Carbon Crisis and its Effect on Data Center Design of the Panelboards

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution during the 18th century, rising levels of global atmospheric CO2 have been progressively recorded. Over the last few decades however, this trend has began to cause real concern within both the scientific community, and the general populace. Mounting apprehension has consequently pressured governments to react, and as a result: regulatory bodies have been formed in many regions; new emission laws and... Read More

The Use of Cloud Computing and Power Services for Data Centers

Data center technology is constantly changing so IT professionals and data center managers can provide better, faster, and more consistent service to their fellow employees and customers. One such recent technology development is cloud computing. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is defined as the delivery of computing as a service, as opposed to a product. Resources, such as software, data access, and storage do not require an understanding... Read More

The Role of Uninterruptible Power Supplies Regarding Data Center Energy Efficiency

Computing has become a fixture in modern life, with people utilizing the internet for numerous business, education, communication and gaming amongst other reasons. No matter why consumers choose to use the internet however, they expect that their provider will supply them with satisfactory computing power and a reliable connection. This is where large IT facilities such as a data center come in. Data centers house components such as servers, Lighting... Read More

Troubleshooting Issues with Power Services for Data Centers

Data centers no doubt have some of the highest energy consumption rates that can be imagined. Indeed, it is also true that sometimes data centers can even exceed the amount of power that is available for use and that is why power services for data centers are a very important issue to consider if operations are to proceed smoothly. There are many different types of equipment and features that are available in the data center and most of them may of... Read More

Ratings of Breakers for Data Centers

Regardless of their size, data centers are a huge cost of ownership for businesses and their owners. Electrical power is now 30 percent on average of the operating cost of a data center today. Over the last 10 years, the average power requirement at a data center?s rack has gone from two kilowatts to 10 kilowatts. In order to deliver all this power efficiently and safely, IT professionals charged with managing today’s data centers are deploying... Read More

Reasons Why Industrial Circuit Breakers for Data Centers are Important

Most individuals are familiar with circuit breakers for residences. They are often located in an attic or basement inside a breaker box or panelboard. Industrial circuit breakers for data centers, while similar in principal, however, are very different in capacity and process. What is are Breakers? Breakers act to limit the total amount of electrical flowing through a circuit. A common household breaker is limited to 20 amperes. That means a household... Read More

Reducing Server Power Consumption and Breakers for Data Centers

Rapidly increasing energy costs have had a great financial impact worldwide, and business and industry are not exempt from this increased pressure. The IT industry in particular is a field that has been hard hit by rising energy expenses. In 2006 alone IT infrastructures in the US were reported to have spent over 4.5 billion dollars on energy. It consequently makes sense that the industry is searching for innovative new ways to save on energy bills.... Read More

Breakers for Data Centers: Power and Design

The correct set up for a server room or data center isn’t always in the forefront of a small business owner’s mind. However, when you consider all the systems and mission-critical tasks that take place within the equipment housed within a data center or server room, it certainly should be near the top of the list. There are a number of points every small business owner should consider when designing a server room; especially for power... Read More

Efficiency via an Increase in Switchgear Power Systems

The Information Technology (IT) industry, which is one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors in the contemporary business world, relies upon data centers for the implementation of most essential computational processes. The majority of data centers however, are currently facing a growing number of issues which threaten their survival, the foremost of which, is increasing energy consumption and cost with which switchgear power systems... Read More

Panelboards, Right-Sizing Data Center Redundancy as a Means of Energy Management

Data centers generally act as large warehouses, which store a company’s IT equipment, and important data. As such, these installations must be highly protected from adverse events such as ‘brownouts’ which may cause component damage, or result in data loss. A method which is utilized by most facilities to protect equipment and panelboards and saved data is redundancy. Redundancy basically refers to non-utilized data center components... Read More

The Evolution of Monitoring Power Services for Data Centers

  While many business owners may believe that every aspect of their business “mission critical,” the truth is that some business aspects are more important than others. While power is considered a basic necessity and easily forgotten, many business ownerThis is especially true when it comes to monitoring power services for data centers. s do not give it the attention it deserves. After all, it is power that allows employees to turn... Read More

The Cooling System and Energy Consumption in a Data Center – Breakers for Data Centers

A data center can be a very complicated place to those who do not have the proper understanding of just how it works. Essentially, a data center is a nerve center of data processing activities for just about any firm whether big or small. As the brains of the operations so to speak, the data center is obviously one of the most important facilities to a business and security must therefore be maintained in order for the data or information of that... Read More

Stanford Professor Study on Power Services for Data Centers

An ever-increasing need for power services for data centers has slowed according to a new comprehensive study from Stanford Professor Jonathan Koomey. Koomey’s study determined that the need for power services for data centers increased by only 36 percent between 2005 and 2010. This is a much smaller increase than predicted in Koomey’s original report he completed back in 2007. The original power services for data centers report predicted... Read More

Solutions for Power Services for Data Centers

Providing the proper solutions for power services for data centers is becoming an ever-increasingly difficult issue for IT professionals and business owners alike. Blade servers have the ability to house more and more data critical to a business’ success. Employees now require Internet access throughout the entire workday. File sizes are ever increasing as what were once complex processes can now be completed simply on a typical business desktop... Read More

Rising Energy Costs in Relation to Power Services for Data Centers

  A ‘data center’ is generally defined as a center used to house computer systems and related components as well as telecommunication structures and storage systems. Due to the sensitive nature of this equipment data centers usually entail complex environmental regulation systems such as: air conditioning, humidity control and fire suppression which can be expensive to operate. Contemporary Power Services for Data Centers Contemporary... Read More

Raising the Temperature with Power Services for Data Centers

Power services for data centers has recently become a topic of much discussion and debate, so much so, that a method for measuring the energy usage efficiency in data centers has been presented. This ratio measurement is called the ‘Power Usage Effectiveness’ (PUE). The PUE represents a comparison of the energy consumption of the entire facility, with the energy consumed by the key computing components. A PUE theoretical ratio of 1.0 would... Read More

Ground Bars and Inefficiency Data Centers

Responsibly Managing Energy Consumption The amount of power consumed by IT facilities, in particular data centers, is a topic of increasing debate in the international community. The primary reason for this is the massive quantity of green house gases produced from the generation of large amounts of non-renewable energy. Data establishments are consequently being labeled as both financially and environmentally unsustainable, and businesses are being... Read More

Advances in Data Center Cooling Technology – Thinking Outside the Switchboard Box

The ever rising cost of energy coupled with the negative environmental effect of consuming high amounts of electrical power generated from non-renewable sources, has caused the Information Technology (IT) industry to readily rethink its energy consumption. One component of IT operations which has consequently become problematic for the sector is data centers. Data centers generally accommodate the majority of a businesses’ computing equipment,... Read More

Qualities of Good Power Services for Data Centers; Saving the Server Rack

Server Racks and Data Centers A server rack is one of the most important equipments in most power services for data centers and that is why choosing a good one should always be taken seriously. A good rack is indeed able to help cut down on several costs including power or energy use. The server rack is of course usually made of a metallic material and has a lot of functions which include safety and housing of the mountable servers. So what exactly... Read More

Power Services for Data Centers and the Power Factor

The Complexity of Data Centers Power services for data centers are very complex to specify, configure, install, and protect. Today’s data centers contain terabytes of storage housed within blade servers and other high-density computing solutions. Additionally, many companies are moving to VOIP (voice over internet protocol) as a way to save on phone costs. While this is a great solution, it does put more pressure on already over-utilized servers.... Read More

Power Monitoring and Breakers for Data Centers

Data Centers a Complex System Data center power monitoring has evolved from basic metering systems to complex communication, network and software systems. There are a number of considerations, however, when selecting and deploying a power monitoring system, which should always include tracking breakers for data centers. Understanding Power Monitoring Data centers are definitely considered “mission critical” in today’s business climate.... Read More

Power Distribution and Panelboards for Data Centers

Advances in Technology Technology is everywhere today. From MP3 players to accessing the internet for research for work, data storage, the cloud and server densities are ever increasing. As a result, server rooms and data centers are requiring more and more power than ever before. Ultimately, this leaves IT professionals searching for information on how to best decide on how to handle what is often referred to as “high density computing”... Read More

Power Deviations and Breakers for Data Centers

Data Center Power Requirements Power requirements for today’s data centers and server rooms have never been more intense. The constant need for power continues to grow dramatically as more and more companies take advantage of the latest server technologies available. It also means that IT professionals are working to deploy power management technologies in servers and communication equipment in order to control and better understand power utilization.... Read More

Managing Cost and Power Services for Data Centers

Costs associated with electric and power is an issue every business owner struggles with on a constant basis. As more and more businesses have their own data centers on site, those power costs will continue to increase, ultimately turning into a major cost center in any business’ budget. By taking the time to understand the intricacies of power services for data centers, however, business owners can do a better, more informed job at controlling... Read More

Importance of Getting Power Services for Data Centers

In any part of the world where there is a data center, there is also a very huge demand for power that will enable that data center to function properly. Power is one of the most important things to consider when building a data center. Most data centers are of course built to function throughout the night and day and there must therefore be an effective system that ensures everything functions correctly without any compromise. Failure of any part... Read More

Green Computing, Green IT and Power Services for Data Centers

In the modern age of carbon footprints and energy efficiency where exactly do power services for data centers fit in? In 2008 data centers were found to consume 50 times as much energy as equivalent sized office space (Aylin, 2008). The ICT industry in general is estimated to be responsible for at least two percent of the global CO2 emissions, almost the same amount as the airline industry (Gartner inc., 2007). With increasing global pressure to conserve... Read More

Solar Power Services for Data Centers

Apple Building Solar Array for Power Services for Data Centers Apple is in the early stages of installing an array of solar panels in Maiden, North Carolina. This North Carolina location is a large parcel of land Apple is clearing for its new data center, according to documents filed in Catawba County. Apple is in the process of clearing trees from 171 acres of land across from its 500,000 square foot iDataCenter. The decision to build this solar... Read More

DC Power Services for Data Centers

ABB Advocates for Moving to DC Power Services for Data Centers Power and automation technology company, ABB, is continuing to invest in DC-based power services for data centers as a way to simplify power distribution systems in data centers. ABB is now partnering with IO on the development of a new data center module based on direct current (DC) power. Direct Current Power and Its Use in Power Services for Data Centers Those who advocate of DC-based... Read More