Understanding the Functions of Ground Bars

Ground bars are essential in both industrial and residential electric panels. They are used in order to eliminate the white return wires in all of the multiple load electric circuits present in the system. These bars are not involved in protecting the circuit and the system from any overload. For protection from any overload, fuses and breakers are used which are located in the panel box. How do ground bars work? Ground bars represent the location... Read More

Photovoltaic Panel Installations and Ground Bars

NEC Panel and Ground Bar Regulations The National Electric Code is what electricians and electrical engineers follow to maintain safe electrical environments for their customers. Within the National Electric Code are guidelines that electricians can follow to meet or exceed the minimum safety standards in terms of grounding and the use of ground bars. These standards are the base minimum that is required, but most electrical engineers and electricians... Read More

Key Role of Ground Bars in ISO 9001

However inexpensive, ground bars are very important. A ground bar is a bar made from steel, copper, tin or even a mixture of copper and steel. Ground bars can be of any shape. Mostly though, they are circular, and have diameters within the ranges of 12-100 mm. Ground bars can be customized to fit the requirements of a customer. The key role of a ground bar is protection by equalizing electrical current. A ground bar whisks away excess electrical currents... Read More