What are Industrial Circuit Breakers Anyway?

Industrial circuit breakers are often utilized in just about every piece of manufacturing machinery today. The use of industrial circuit breakers has been more widely adapted since the mid 1990′s. According to a report by the Electricity Commission, people have become more aware of power fluctuation issues and the potential safety issues they can cause. Industrial circuit breakers Short circuits are considered a fluctuation or damage in the... Read More

The Need for Industrial Circuit Breakers

circuit breakers are used in both residential and non-residential applications. While many are familiar with residential Circuit Breakers, industrial circuit breakers serve an entirely different need. Circuit breakers are automatically-operated switches to protect the electrical circuit from damage. Regardless of the application, circuit breakers are always part of an important electrical safety plan. What is a circuit breaker? Circuit breakers are... Read More

What are Molded Case Industrial Circuit Breakers?

If the power goes out in a building, all someone has to do is flip a switch to have the power turned back on if industrial circuit breakers are used. Overloads and short circuits in conductors are protected against with the help of molded case industrial circuit breakers. What are Molded Case Industrial Circuit Breakers? Molded case industrial circuit breakers are like regular circuit breakers, but they are more universal and used when there is a... Read More

Understanding Miniature Industrial Circuit Breakers

Miniature industrial circuit breakers provide protection against excessive temperature increases of electric items in the case of over-currents that are caused by an overload or short circuit. Why Use Miniature Industrial circuit breakers? Miniature industrial Circuit Breakers are for operating a variety of different voltage levels. Often Type C and Type D miniature industrial circuit breakers are specifically for industrial use. They can be used... Read More

The Oil Industrial Circuit Breaker

An oil industrial circuit breaker consists of gang-operated, three single pole switches whose contacts are completely immersed in oil. Most units have one grounded tank per phase although some designs may have all three phases housed in a single tank. The major components of an oil industrial circuit breaker are as follows: Two brushing per phase mounted in an oil-filled grounded tank. A contact assembly (interrupter) mounted on the bottom terminal... Read More

Types of Industrial Circuit Breakers

Depending on the different types of equipment in use within a facility or plant, the types of industrial circuit breakers needed for safe electricity use will vary. Selection of Industrial circuit breakers It is very important to utilize the correct types of industrial Circuit Breakers that are required for a facility or plant. To begin, it may be prudent to have the supplier of industrial circuit breakers visit the facility in order fully understand... Read More

What is an Industrial Circuit Breaker?

In order for you to understand what an industrial circuit breaker is you must first learn what they are designed to do. These devices are electrical switches that are automatically operated, so they can provide protection to any electrical circuit from such occurrences as an overload, or a short circuit. Basically they are designed to detect a faulty condition, and discontinue the continuity of electrical flow. Industrial circuit breaker Fuses are... Read More

The Differences between Industrial Circuit Breakers and Residential Circuit Breakers

While both industrial circuit breakers and residential circuit breakers perform the same type of job, they vary greatly in the overall electricity capacity they can handle. The main similarity, however, is that they should be handled with care, as mistakes working with electricity can have deadly results. industrial circuit breakers Industrial circuit breakers can handle a much larger electrical current over residential Circuit Breakers. Factories,... Read More

The Air Blast Industrial Circuit Breaker

  Air blast industrial circuit breaker are used today from 11 to 1100 KV for a range of applications. They offer several advantages: faster operations, suitability for related operation, auto-reclosure, unit type multi-break construction, simple assembly, and modest maintenance. A compressor plant is necessary to maintain high air pressure in the receiver. Air blast industrial circuit breakers are used for interconnected lines as well as lines... Read More

Replacing Industrial Circuit Breakers

Part of a plant or shop manager’s many different responsibilities is to have industrial circuit breakers repaired or replaced, if needed. By thinking about this issue before it develops can help minimize a facility’s downtime, as well as ensure everyone who works at the facility, as well as the facility itself, stays safe. industrial circuit breakers in Large Facilities Large facilities such as warehouses and factories have industrial circuit... Read More

Replacing and Retrofilling an Industrial Circuit Breaker

An electrical distribution system is similar to any other mechanical device: when it’s new there is much you have to do. But in time, due to increased electrical loads, expansion, or just age – an electrical system is going to need routine maintenance to ensure quality function. One of the most vital components of any electrical distribution system is the industrial circuit breaker-and as result, especially if your building/system is... Read More

Repairing and Replacing Industrial Circuit Breakers

It is important to know how to repair or replace an industrial circuit breaker in case one fails. There is definitely risk involved with any work regarding circuit breakers so if there is any doubt for safety, call in a professional. Certified electricians and professionals from power suppliers should handle the repairs and replacements for industrial circuit breakers. It is a dangerous process, especially if you are unsure of what to do. Follow... Read More

Purchasing New Industrial Circuit Breakers vs. Used Industrial Circuit Breakers

Saving funds on circuit breakers In today’s economy, many companies are looking for any way to save essential funds in order to keep the business healthy. As a result, some companies may consider utilizing used industrial circuit breakers instead of purchasing new industrial circuit breakers. Used Industrial Circuit Breakers If the industrial circuit breakers that require replacement are less than ten years old, there is a good chance a used... Read More

Problems When Installing an Industrial Circuit Breaker

circuit breaker Installation There are a few problems that can occur during the installation process for iindustrial circuit breakers. Knowing about the potential issues and knowing what to do if the problem is encountered is key in performing any type of work with electricity and industrial circuit breakers. Possible Problems When Installing an Industrial Circuit Breaker Some of the problems that can be encountered when installing an industrial circuit... Read More

Monitoring Industrial Circuit Breakers

Buildings should be protected against power overloads and a monitoring system for industrial circuit breakers can be the answer to help protect against any dangers as well as unnecessary costs. The advanced technology of the monitoring systems is what makes it a necessity to be installed for industrial circuit breakers. How Does an Industrial circuit breaker Monitoring System Work? The monitoring system works through a wireless system. Some monitoring... Read More

Low Voltage Power Systems Utilizing Fuses and Industrial Circuit Breakers

Many plant managers in both industrial and commercial industries use both fuses and industrial circuit breakers in concert in low voltage power systems. However, Traditional Time Current (TCC) analysis is known not to completely and fully identify which is used when. Therefore, manufacturers of fuses and industrial circuit breakers are careful to provide specific guidelines for product selection. Traditional Time Current Analysis and Industrial circuit... Read More

Industry Standards for Industrial Circuit Breakers

Industry standards are an important part of ensuring all products are safe and will function as expected. This is especially vital when it comes to products that manage and conduct electrical current and equipment. Classifications of industrial circuit breakers There are two main classifications of industrial circuit breakers; molded-case circuit breakers and low-voltage power Circuit Breakers. Each of these circuit breakers has different design characteristics... Read More

Industrial Circuit Breakers and OEMs

More and more companies are utilizing OEMs, ultimately creating a new level of demand for these manufacturing companies. This is especially true with industrial circuit breakers where needs and standards can vary wildly, depending on the ordering company. The challenge, therefore, is the need to continuously work to meet complex requirements for industrial circuit breakers for each customer and their brands. What is an OEM? An OEM (original equipment... Read More

IEEE Standards for Industrial Circuit Breakers

The design of reliable commercial and industrial circuit breakers is important to variety of people involved with electrical engineering and the electrical field as a whole. A critical part for these professionals is how to properly estimate the frequency of voltage generated throughout a system, including industrial circuit breakers. One organization who works hard to keep electrical standards high and well documented is the IEEE. What is the IEEE? The... Read More

How Much Electricity Can Industrial Circuit Breakers Manage?

circuit breakers have come a long way from when Thomas Edison applied for his circuit breaker patent in 1879. Today, Circuit Breakers are used to protect an electrical system, regardless if it is for a residential or commercial location. Industrial circuit breakers are electrical devices used to break an electrical circuit during a power overload. Industrial circuit breakers are switches that are automatically tripped to protect a power system from... Read More

What to Know About Your Industrial Circuit Breaker

Basics of industrial circuit breakers Industrial circuit breakers serve the purpose of protecting electrical circuits from overload. Electrical flow is stopped immediately in the electrical wiring and as a result, all electrical power leading from that breaker is shut down. In addition to controlling the electrical flow in the form of amperes (amps), industrial circuit breakers also monitor the flow on a continuous basis. The design varies if the... Read More

Accessories for Industrial Circuit Breakers

Just like any other type of gadget or piece of technology industrial circuit breakers have many possible accessories that can work with them. The accessories that are available for industrial circuit breakers range from products that help the breaker fit better in the frame to products that add more protection. Most accessories for industrial circuit breakers can be installed externally for convenience.. Industrial circuit breaker Accessories for... Read More