Maintaining Panelboards

Working in a control room of a TV station is exciting. The person on the desk gets to communicate with the news anchors that are live on air. There is rarely a dull moment when delivering live news bulletins. This rhythm was broken recently when out of nowhere the panelboard, which controls the studio equipment, short-circuited. Most people know panelboards as the electrical boxes that you only remember when a certain socket or light switch trips... Read More

What are Panelboards for Data Centers?

Power is an essential, as well as an incredibly complex and potentially dangerous, part of every data center. One item housed within every data center is a panelboard. It is important for anyone involved in maintaining and servicing a data center understands what panelboards for data centers are and how they interact with all the other equipment within the data center. Panelboards for Data Centers At its simplest definition, panelboards are a component... Read More

Types of Panelboards

There are two main types of panelboards, distribution or lighting and appliance. The primary focus of this article is distribution panelboards. They can be enclosed or open although the vast majority of distribution panels encountered in the real world are enclosed. There are six NEMA type specifications for enclosures. These NEMA enclosure types apply to all enclosures – not just panelboard enclosures. NEMA Spec Panelboards Type 1 enclosures... Read More

Reasons Why Industrial Circuit Breakers for Data Centers are Important

Most individuals are familiar with circuit breakers for residences. They are often located in an attic or basement inside a breaker box or panelboard. Industrial circuit breakers for data centers, while similar in principal, however, are very different in capacity and process. What is are Breakers? Breakers act to limit the total amount of electrical flowing through a circuit. A common household breaker is limited to 20 amperes. That means a household... Read More

NEC Article 408 and Panelboards for Data Centers

Every piece of equipment that runs on electricity today needs to follow different legal and industry standards in order to run safely and efficiently. One of those industry standard organizations is the NEC. What is the NEC? The NEC (National Electrical Code) is a regionally adopted standard that provides guidelines for the safe installation of electrical wiring and its corresponding equipment. While the NEC does not provide any legally binding regulations,... Read More

Panelboards for Protection and Safety

Dealing with electricity and electrical parts can be dangerous. Injuries and fatalities can result if the proper precautions are not taken when working with power equipment. Panelboards help protect from overcurrents and provide circuit control. They can only be accessed from the front, which adds to the protective aspect of panelboards. panelboards for Different Environments There are panelboards available that are safe for damp or wet areas, indoors... Read More

Panelboard Selection

Most people are familiar with panelboards and may not even know it. Commonly known as “circuit breakers,” panelboards are found in every home, often in the basement or in a utility closet, and control the flow of electricity. Many don’t even think about it until a circuit breaker is “tripped” and the flow of electricity to a specific part of the home is lost, resulting in a trip to the panelboard to make that section... Read More

Panelboards and Voltage Requirements

A panelboards is defined as a part of an electrical supply arrangement that separates electrical power input into subsidiary circuits. It also has a protective circuit breaker or fuse for each circuit, in an enclosure. This is a fairly simplified description of panelboards, which are a very common and vital part of any industrial facility. They can be open (not included within an enclosure) or enclosed in a suitable cabinet. NEMA Recognized Panelboards There... Read More

Panelboards and the Industrial Circuit Breaker

The term panelboards covers two types of electrical panels: distribution and lighting/appliance. Distribution panels divide electrical power into subsidiary circuits. Lighting Control Panels do much the same thing but are usually dedicated to providing the power for a building’s lighting system. In most industrial applications they are three-phase although single-phase lighting panels are used occasionally. Lighting panels generally carry less... Read More

Open Compute Projects Makes Another Step Forward with Design and Panelboards for Data Centers

The Open Compute Project, started by Facebook earlier this year, is now gaining partners, momentum, and a real organizational structure. While the initiative is currently focused on Internet companies with large “scale out” styles of infrastructure, more and more companies are joining the project with the long-term project idea of open source hardware, such as panelboards for data centers, which could ultimately expand to the enterprise... Read More

Panelboards for Elevator Controls in Buildings

In order for elevators to work properly, there has to be behind the scenes equipment to keep it operational. The controls are kept in panelboards to be accessed only by maintenance staff. Elevators are common in most buildings from corporate offices to hospitals to apartment complexes, and panelboards are necessary for keeping all of the operational controls contained, safe, and accessible only by the correct people. What is Kept in Elevator Control... Read More

Including Panelboards for Data Centers in Remodels and Designs

If you have commissioned the design of a data center, regardless of the means of powering the facility, there are safety standards and power consumption issues to consider. Running a data center safely and up to code standards will require the best equipment from outlets to panelboards for data centers. Electrical consumption may also be affected during the design phase by choosing equipment that your engineers can work with. In the past, electrical... Read More

How to Select the Appropriate Panelboard

Selecting the right panelboards for your needs is important for a number of reasons. The panelboards is what controls the arrangement of the circuit breakers and the arrangement can be flexible depending on the structure and design of the panelboards. There can be more balance on the electrical load contingent upon how flexible the circuit arrangement is. Factors to Consider For Selecting a panelboard When selecting a panelboard there are a few... Read More

Grounding Panelboards for Data Centers

According to research, nearly 90 of all the issues related to IT equipment installation are internal to the facility, while only 10 percent are related to electric service. It is also important to point out that 75 percent of all issues arising within a facility are related to grounding or making appropriate grounding, which directly affects the reliability of IT equipment system performance. panelboards for Data Centers There are three main dangers... Read More

Advances in Technology and Panelboards for Data Centers

Advances in Technology and panelboards for Data Centers One of the main problems that data centers have faced in the past has been the availability of space with equipment and panelboards for data centers. With advancements in technology and a decrease in data center component size this is however, no longer the case. Centers are met with a new challenge; the reduction of energy consumption within their facility. Reducing Energy Consumption Reducing... Read More