Power Systems For Manufacturers – The New Era

In manufacturing, power costs, however you manage them, are a big issue. So are the efficiency of the power systems, safety certifications, repair, and maintenance. The good news for manufacturers is that modern power systems are very cost-friendly, in more ways than one. Primary issues for manufacturing power systems There are several issues related to manufacturing power systems which dictate the cost effectiveness of these systems: Design Power... Read More

Why We Need to Keep Power Services For Data Centers Optimized

As success for technological companies increasingly depends on the management and processing of enormous amounts of data, a closer look needs to be taken to the power services that support data centers and keep them functioning. Data centers are one of the biggest energy-consuming units in the world. They need huge power systems backing them. The proliferation of data as a solid source of information for decision makers means that the installment... Read More

Power Services and Data Centers – How to Reduce Costs

Data centers are a vital part of power services in today’s economy and workplace. The ability to process large amounts of information at once has gone from being an industry specialty to a commercial necessity. The Internet age in particular, has meant that companies must keep an eye on advances in technology and data processing as well as their overall business models. With the growth of available data, the interpretation and processing of this... Read More

Anniversary of Sandy at East Coast Power

The one-year anniversary of “Superstorm Sandy” on October 29, 2013, was cause for many New York and New Jersey residents, businesses, and other organizations to reflect on this historic Storm and its aftermath. All of these individuals, families, and businesses have shown a remarkable amount of strength and resiliency throughout the duration of the past year. Most are taking a moment to step back and remember the traumatic events that occurred... Read More

UPS Issues Found to be Leading Cause of Issues with Power Services for Data Centers

Issues with UPS equipment and configuration issues are atop the most frequently cited reasons of outages in power services for data centers, according to a survey of more than 450 data center professionals. The study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, also highlighted issues between data center staff and company executives regarding uptime readiness. The National Survey on Data Center Outages surveyed 453 data center staff members in the U.S. who... Read More

Understanding Power Services for Data Centers

When planning the construction of a data center regardless of business size, there are many different factors that need to be considered. Quite possibly one of the most important considerations, however, is understanding the options of power services for data centers. How Power Services for Data Centers Differ from Standard Power Services Providing an appropriate level of power services for data centers is often the most expensive aspect to building... Read More

The Importance of a Dependable Power Supply Manufacturers

Having a dependable power supply or an electrical generator can prove to be vital for both residential and commercial buildings. Although it can be used in residential buildings it plays a bigger role in commercial buildings. This is due to the fact that these buildings must have a separate and a backup electricity source other than the main power supply source. Facilities like labs, medical buildings and factories need it the most since they canít... Read More

Things to Consider When Buying Power Services for Data Centers and Equipment

Power equipment in a data center is some of the most important things to pay close attention to if you want to get the best out of the center. Several things must be decided upon before buying any of the power equipment or power services for data centers to be used in the center. One of the things that should be taken seriously is the efficiency of the particular equipment to be used. There are usually labels on the equipment which indicate just how... Read More

The Use of Cloud Computing and Power Services for Data Centers

Data center technology is constantly changing so IT professionals and data center managers can provide better, faster, and more consistent service to their fellow employees and customers. One such recent technology development is cloud computing. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is defined as the delivery of computing as a service, as opposed to a product. Resources, such as software, data access, and storage do not require an understanding... Read More

Troubleshooting Issues with Power Services for Data Centers

Data centers no doubt have some of the highest energy consumption rates that can be imagined. Indeed, it is also true that sometimes data centers can even exceed the amount of power that is available for use and that is why power services for data centers are a very important issue to consider if operations are to proceed smoothly. There are many different types of equipment and features that are available in the data center and most of them may of... Read More

Power Supply Manufacturer Products and Services

Power supply manufacturers provide a wide variety of products and services for customers. Power companies offer utility solutions for commercial and noncommercial clientele. If the standard products do not fit what the customer needs then custom products can be made my most power supply manufacturers. Power supply manufacturers are available to give the best service to its customers. Products sold by Power Supply Manufacturers Power supply manufacturers... Read More

Bolted Pressure Switch

Almost every medium or large facility has electricity supplied through a large main switch. This switch is the main on/off point in the building and carries all the electric current used by the building. A failure at this point can be devastating to an entire operation. The bolted pressure switch (also known as the bolted pressure contact switch) was developed in the 1950′s to reliably control the massive current loads encountered in these... Read More

Breakers for Data Centers: Power and Design

The correct set up for a server room or data center isn’t always in the forefront of a small business owner’s mind. However, when you consider all the systems and mission-critical tasks that take place within the equipment housed within a data center or server room, it certainly should be near the top of the list. There are a number of points every small business owner should consider when designing a server room; especially for power... Read More

Power Inefficiency in Contemporary Electrical Power Systems for Data Centers

Energy inefficiency within Information Technology (IT) installations has become an international issue, owing to the ever increasing cost of energy in many regions. In 2006 it was conservatively estimated that IT facilities in the United States alone were spending over 4.5 billion dollars on energy and electrical power systems, this figure is currently believed to be much higher. Electrical Power Systems and Green Computing The contemporary trend... Read More

Are Generators Electric Power Systems?

For all intents and purposes generators are electric power systems. A generator uses one source of fuel to turn it into electrical energy, and that is basically what happens in all of these networks. A generator is actually one component in very large power supply centers, but the small versions that are owned by homeowners for personal use work on the same principle. Electric Power Systems When you have one of these portable power stations then... Read More

The Evolution of Monitoring Power Services for Data Centers

  While many business owners may believe that every aspect of their business “mission critical,” the truth is that some business aspects are more important than others. While power is considered a basic necessity and easily forgotten, many business ownerThis is especially true when it comes to monitoring power services for data centers. s do not give it the attention it deserves. After all, it is power that allows employees to turn... Read More

Stanford Professor Study on Power Services for Data Centers

An ever-increasing need for power services for data centers has slowed according to a new comprehensive study from Stanford Professor Jonathan Koomey. Koomey’s study determined that the need for power services for data centers increased by only 36 percent between 2005 and 2010. This is a much smaller increase than predicted in Koomey’s original report he completed back in 2007. The original power services for data centers report predicted... Read More

Solutions for Power Services for Data Centers

Providing the proper solutions for power services for data centers is becoming an ever-increasingly difficult issue for IT professionals and business owners alike. Blade servers have the ability to house more and more data critical to a business’ success. Employees now require Internet access throughout the entire workday. File sizes are ever increasing as what were once complex processes can now be completed simply on a typical business desktop... Read More

Selecting a Power Services Company

Power service often includes serving a variety of different needs for a business. When a business does not work with a reputable power services company, those different needs may not be met, which can put an entire business in jeopardy both financially as well as the safety of their employees. What does a Power Services Company Do? A power services company supplies various businesses with warranty service, preventative maintenance, product installation... Read More

Rising Energy Costs in Relation to Power Services for Data Centers

  A ‘data center’ is generally defined as a center used to house computer systems and related components as well as telecommunication structures and storage systems. Due to the sensitive nature of this equipment data centers usually entail complex environmental regulation systems such as: air conditioning, humidity control and fire suppression which can be expensive to operate. Contemporary Power Services for Data Centers Contemporary... Read More

Right-Sizing a Data Center with Power Services for Data Centers

Energy costs are a major issue facing modern power services for data centers and are only expected to get worse as the cost of electricity increases. Often in IT facilities energy is expended in numerous unconstructive ways. One such unwanted energy expenditure is the operation of various systems such as air conditioning and dehumidifiers which protect the IT equipment. It is well documented that up to 70 percent of a centers energy is normally used... Read More

Raising the Temperature with Power Services for Data Centers

Power services for data centers has recently become a topic of much discussion and debate, so much so, that a method for measuring the energy usage efficiency in data centers has been presented. This ratio measurement is called the ‘Power Usage Effectiveness’ (PUE). The PUE represents a comparison of the energy consumption of the entire facility, with the energy consumed by the key computing components. A PUE theoretical ratio of 1.0 would... Read More

A Look at the Function of Electrical Power Systems

Electrical power systems (EPS) are set-up of electrical constituents that are employed to supply, transmit and utilize electric power. The network, which supplies a region’s houses and industries with power – for considerable regions, this power system is recognized as the grid and might be generally categorized into the generators that provide the power, the transmission system, which transports the electric power from the generating... Read More

Importance of Getting Power Services for Data Centers

In any part of the world where there is a data center, there is also a very huge demand for power that will enable that data center to function properly. Power is one of the most important things to consider when building a data center. Most data centers are of course built to function throughout the night and day and there must therefore be an effective system that ensures everything functions correctly without any compromise. Failure of any part... Read More

HP Announces Breakthrough for Power Services for Data Centers

HP has announced a project designed to advance what it is calling “extreme low-energy technologies” for web, cloud, and hyper-scale environments. “Project Moonshot” was developed at HP Labs and encompasses a new development platform, lab, and industry ecosystem that will enable HP’s partners to find significant savings related to power services for data centers for large-scale, data-intense computing. Cost and Energy... Read More

How to Choose the Best Power Services for Data Centers

A data center is an integral part of any large company and it must therefore be built with some of the most outstanding designs. The design must be done in such a way that it enables the center to achieve all the laid down goals without being inconvenient. One of the specific things that the design should do is to ensure that everything that is in the data center is safe from any sort of threat. Another thing that the design should do is to achieve... Read More

Finding the Right Power Services Company

Selecting a power services company could be one of the most important decisions a business can make. Getting power reliably and safely to a business is an incredibly vital part of doing business on a daily basis. Without reliable power, servers won’t run, computers can’t power on and payments and billing can?t be tracked. While power supply is often an afterthought and just “expected to work,” when it doesn’t work, it... Read More

Evaluating Cooling and Power Services for Data Centers

It is always a good idea to work proactively as opposed to reactively – especially when it comes managing and maintaining your data center. That proactive work should include a periodic evaluation of the cooling and power services for data centers under your management. This evaluation should help to determine if you are utilizing the best possible technology and systems for your center. Assessing Cooling and Power Services for Data Centers There... Read More

Current and Future Needs of Power Services for Data Centers

Data centers seem to have a never end ending need for power. As more companies, regardless of size, create their own data centers and work in the so-called “cloud,” understanding the different power services for data centers has become increasingly important. Power Services for Data Centers According to a report released in 2007 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the needs of power services for data centers would nearly double... Read More

Solar Power Services for Data Centers

Apple Building Solar Array for Power Services for Data Centers Apple is in the early stages of installing an array of solar panels in Maiden, North Carolina. This North Carolina location is a large parcel of land Apple is clearing for its new data center, according to documents filed in Catawba County. Apple is in the process of clearing trees from 171 acres of land across from its 500,000 square foot iDataCenter. The decision to build this solar... Read More